Actress Jenny Cortez

Incessantly homeland entertainment world was shocked by the circulation of hot pictures of celebrities. This time, hot pictures of model / actress Jenny Cortez, one circulating in Indonesia hot site. Unmitigated, ten images of hot and open-openings of Jenny appearing in it.

Jenny started their work in the field of the model. His name was lifted as the third person rumored to be a relationship breakdown between the couple and Kalina Corbuzier Deddy.

He also played in several soap operas. Finally, gait can also be enjoyed acting in the film PENGANTIN Waterfall where Jenny played with Mirasih Tyas Endah and Tamara Bleszynski.

In the film Rizal Mantovani's work does look a little vulgar enough scene like a bikini. I do not know whether the pictures Jenny is part of the film or other photocall.

Unfortunately, until now Jenny Cortez could not be contacted to provide confirmation of the vulgar pictures of himself.

When validated, the pictures are vulgar Jenny's original photo except for one that looks at the photo-retouch.