Kesha Denies Ever Slept With Justin Bieber

An unpleasant news overwrite famous musicians Justin Bieber and Kesha. Both are rumored to have slept together and had sex! Really?The news stems from a man claiming to be the father of Selena Gomez. October 2012 then, he filed a frenzy that mention Justin had slept with several artists, including Kesha.

Feeling his name was mentioned, Kesha spoke. Tik Tok singer even then insists that all the accusations were untrue. He admitted that he did not have anything to do with Justin Bieber.

"I actually just heard. No. I do not do it, I never slept with Justin Bieber. Besides, she has a boyfriend who is very hot, so yes he can choose lah," said Kesha Examiner reported.

Not only accuse Justin an affair, a man who was not known his name was also revealed that the 18-year singer Selena Gomez was knocked up. But until now there has been no response from Justin. (exa / ris)

Police lied, Lindsay Lohan Will Jailed

Lindsay Lohan threatened to jail after he was caught lying to police related accident last June.

A prosecutor from Los Angeles demanded and asked the judge to jail Lindsay returns. Lindsay violated terms of her probation in the necklace theft case, because he had lied about his car accident with a truck.

"When Lindsay was formally accused of lying to police, Los Angeles DA's office will ask for a formal probation violation hearing," the police source said, as quoted by RadarOnline.

"In conclusion, the prosecutor asked the judge sentenced Lindsay asked in jail up to a year. Prosecutors and police think there is evidence that more than cukum to judge finds Lindsay violated probation for lying to the police," said the source.

The charges related to the accident lie Lindsay car driven by Lindsay then collided with a truck. In the accident Lindsay lied by saying he was not the driver when the accident occurred.

However, after further interrogation, Linday apparently lied. He was the one who drove the car. Additionally, the truck driver said after the accident, Lindsay gave the money and walked away. [mor]

Best :Victoria Beckham Wins Top Fashion

Once again, Victoria Beckham managed to demonstrate achievement in the world of fashion. As reported by Contact Music, the mother of four children won a prestigious award at a prestigious event as well.

The former Spice Girl was awarded Womenswear Designer at WGSN Global Fashion Awards event 2012. The award was officially handed over in London on Monday (5/11) yesterday.

"Thanks WGSN, glad got Womenswear Designer (at) GFashionawards," wrote Victoria via Twitter.

Victoria is definitely not the only artist to win the award. Several other celebrities also had to get the award in that arena.