Artis Hengky Kurniawan Chova

Biography Hengky Kurniawan Chova (was born in Blitar, on October 21 1982; the age 25 years) was the film player and the Indonesian film star. Hengky left home to Jakarta. He afterwards had a career through the Management Artist Example service headed by Benny.

Several films that had been starred in by Hengky including the Rainbow in the eyes of you, the Dilangit Star, Senandung Masa Puber, ABG, Kepala Keluarga, Doiku was Beken, Karuniamu, Langkahku, Cintailah Aku, Gadis, and Although Cinta Bicara. Hengky also playing in the wide screen film the Fugitive kissed Gue the Tripar Multivision Plus production with the actress Massayu Anastasia that afterwards became his girlfriend. Although afterwards finally parting. wikipedia.com

The former girlfriend the Flower of Citra Lestari this also played in the film of Me Versus High Heels as Arnold, that became the struggle for the girls.

A series of agenda of the marriage procession between Hengky Kurniawan and Christy Jusung took place really respect. Through Drs. H. Mohammad Zuhri, Chairman KUA KECAMATAN Pademangan, Jakarta Utara, as the official of the marriage executive, revealed the atmosphere of the marriage of the celebrity's couple to the reporter right before leaving the location.

The marriage Christy Jusung Binti George Jusung (Alm) with Hengky Kurniawan bin Leo Medhi Purwanto, took place on Friday, October 10 in the Mermaid Cottage Ancol, Jakarta Utara. In the marriage that was maintained tight by tens security this hotel, did not permit the reporters to approach the location.

The agenda was begun around struck 16,30 WIB, by being preceeded by reading of Al Quraan and the sermon was married. The marriage ceremony was led by Chairman KUA KECAMATAN Pademangan, Drs. H. Mohammad Zuhri, with Mas was married took the form of cash Rp10 million.

Artis Ariel Paterpan

yesterday i saw conser music ariel paterpan in global tv chanel, If having the list of the man's musician who most was liked his idol at this time, the name of Ariel Peterpan must enter the list. When appearing in front of the public when attending celebration of the Global Birthday of the TV in the Senayan Swimming Pool, Southern Jakarta, last night (on Wednesday, 29/10), Ariel at once was surrounded by his lover.

The ink labourers then did not want to lose. Finally mutually kerubut between fans and the reporter was increasingly chaotic. from kapanlagi.com

Still continued to be curious, the reporter continued to pursue him. Unfortunately, Ariel that was busy heeding his request of the lover's signature at once went without explaining further the matter of his car. The security side that was contacted KapanLagi.com then supported Ariel's information. "OK how come, earlier was very safe then." Earlier not had anything. For example the windscreen broke definitely him he will complain, he explained.

Artis Ratu Felisha Get Married in this year

The artist Queen Felisha planned to marry in December this year. According to him, his preparations already 99 percent, was kept being waiting the happy day arrived. Nevertheless, this marriage could suddenly failed if having the reporter's camera or infotainment. According to him, his prospective spouse really antikamera.

He did not want the data himself and his face were published by the media. "Indeed, he not wanted appeared the camera, frightened," he said after press screening the Cintaku Selamanya film in the Planet Hollywood 21 yesterday then laughed. Feli -the close greeting of Queen Felisha- already diwanti-wanti his prospective spouse since a long time ago. Moreover, up until yesterday, Feli reluctantly stated the name of his ideal man.

The player of the Fugitive's film kissed Gue stressed that his marriage will in the future be closed. "The reason is, he not wanted to be published and he needed privation." Because, according to him, the marriage was sacred, explained the woman born in October 16 1982 this.

Artis Nadine Chandrawinata

Who that did not know with this pretty artist who had had the degree of the Indonesian daughter, this article from kapanlagi If most groups of the Indonesian woman terobsesi had white people, for the former Indonesian daughter of Nadine Chandrawinata, the black person not the big problem. Nadine that subjugated himself as the instigator of conservation of sea and the coral reef, certainly often was in the coast and sea and often was stung the sun rays.

Had dark skin not a big problem for Nadine, for him, black not always bad, moreover if being accompanied by the maintenance. "I not frightened dark." Pearls will there is one that is coloured black and stayed pretty.

Not significant that was black that was smelly and ugly. Depended gimana ngerawat him, said the star was 24 years old this. Although liking to roam about in the coast and did diving, Nadine will not lose kemolekan him, his article he stayed hard-working treated the body. "Most with moisturiser, the kiss block, don't be very indifferent also." I not the person that liked to the salon, luluran all the sorts, most two days after diving pijit, he added

Artis Dea Ananda

Biography about Dea Ananda from wikipedia.com

Nadia Budi Ana, was like this his complete name, but this former small singer was more famous by the name of Dhea Ana. The daughter of the couple RM Bambang Budi and BDM Novida this was known as the singer since the age of the age of children. Where himself with Affandy and Leony formed the group of the child the Kwak Kwek Trio. The Jakarta - Indonesia birth woman, May 26 1986 that with his group had released the song like Rame rame (1993), Semua Oke (1994), Janga Marah (1995), Tanteku (1996), Tari Samba (the Samba Dance) (1997), Katanya (1998), Bus Sekolah (2001). Apart from also had released the solo album, like 16 lilin (candles), Lebaran, 25 Nabi (prophets), who were popular with his song Surga di Telapak Kaki Ibu, Lagu Aku, Kau dan Dia, et cetera. Together with the development himself, Dhea that also had become the presenter for the Plus TPI Clip program (1996) and Be-Te (1999) that, afterwards spread the wings by starring in several films. His famous film covered Lupus Millenia, Cerita Cinta, Malam Pertama, Djail, Kisah Sediah Di Hari Minggu, Sumpah, Gue Sayang Loe and Anak Haram. Bahkan in 2007, Dhe also starred in the wide screen film, Hantu (the GHOST) (2007).

Indra Bekti Don't Like Dugem

The world of the artist was often identified with the Jakarta nightlife that gemerlap. However for Indra Bekti, the world gemerlap not the world that was wanted by him. Tired with a store of activity, Bekti claimed ogah the nightlife if not having the clear reason. "’Kalau I took part in the nightlife must have his reason."

The work or the invitation that could not was refused by me, he said when being met KapanLagi.com after syuting CERIWIS in Trans TV. Bekti did not reject that needing the socialisation in the world of the celebrity. However, the number of activities made the occurring man the year every time this December 28 more often refused the nightlife invitation.

The affected memory of the previous month smallpox, for Bekti was the warning from Allah. "At that time indeed my work many, and I not attention was the same the body." Like that had the source of the illness, yes the body immediately be hit by, he explained. Rest time for 10 days at that time, was regarded as the bonus. "Used by me to enjoy facilities that were bought by me from results" of "my exertion," kenang him while smiling.


Artist Tamara Bleszynski

Torque forgave each other mutually in the Idul Fitri day the previous month evidently was not used by Tamara Bleszynski to visit the child of a puppet produced by his marriage withTeuku Rafli Pasya, Rasya Islami Pasya. Moreover the stick of this nose of the star of the soap product was not seen completely the basin was swallowed the earth.

This implicitly left the mouth the former parent-in-law Tamara, Cut Haslinda in Grand Indonesia, on Thursday (23/10/08). In fact, continued Cut Haslinda, the door to his family always was open for anyone. Including when Tamara wanted to see his child, Rasya Islami Pasya.

However apparently this matter was not used well by Tamara. “Rumah we not was closed. We welcome. I not knew what's up with Tamara. Yes, it is hoped all was opened the door to his heart in order to be able to accept the condition like ini,” he said. He also claimed still was confused with Tamara's attitude that shouted after meeting with Rasya some time before. In fact when Tamara met, in the atmosphere of familiarity terpancar. “Saya not had been noisy by him. I love he, like that “Saya not had been noisy by him. I love he, even so he love same saya,” continued the woman who will launch his four work books in Kartini's Hall this coming November 15. On that occasion, Cut Haslinda hoped that the two introspection sides came back while undertaking their respective life. “Ya, all was handed over by me was the same Allah. Because all that was secret-Nya,” he explained then smiled.

Mulan Jameela to Ahmad Dhani

Counted already a year more Mulan Jameela was bundled into the Cinta Management Republic. Many incidents that were not suspected of being experienced pelantun Wonder Woman this,including the matter of the 'extraordinary' bonus. What was wanted by Mulan then really was reached like many songs that were produced, many job went out, and definitely all that was not free from the management side that bertangan cold. "I his person not that ngoyo gitu and must be able to something." But I that looked for the extraordinary motivator because I his person was fast weak. This management was really extraordinary his motivator, said Mulan in the lawful agenda bihalal the Cinta Management Republic in The Rock Cafe.

Grand Flora of the Hotel, Southern Jakarta, on Tuesday night (21/10). Now when being asked about the noose of Ahmad Dhani as the boss RCM, Mulan had the opinion personally. For him Dhani was the extraordinary and very valuable noose. "If not having Mas Dhani, possibly this management would not as big as and was as solid as this." His works also will not be as good as this. If according to.

Justin Timberlake have Tema Straightened out Himself'

Justin Timberlake 'straightened out himself' for the sake of Leona Lewis The manufacturer's singer of the heart of the pounding woman tight, ustin Timberlake, reportedly requested the sensation pop England, Leona Lewis, for the recorder together with him.

Timberlake claimed that he was the heavy lover of this Bleeding Love hit printer. Leona personally gained his popularity after won reality show the The X Factor TV in 2006 then. And Justin asked Leona to gather by him in the studio. The hit printer SexyBack this said to MTV News, "Aku will straighten out myself for Leona Lewis, because I the feeling he was the amazing singer." Lewis personally cooed for Timberlake in the concert agenda penggalangan the fund for Shriners Hospital for Children last Saturday night (18/10).

Tato Artis Marsha Timothy

Tato Marsha took the form of two small cherry tree flowers and two sheaths of the cherry tree flower that were freed.

Admitted the most beautiful part was by the Jakarta birth woman, this January 8 1979, foot the underside, from heels to the palm. He acknowledged again, he did not know why this part that he thought like that. "Possibly because his measurement was small then," said the user of the numbered footwear 37 this in the office Kompas Entertainment, on Monday (20/10). In this part, to be precise on the outside back foot right him, settled tato permanent since last year. One day, last year, Marsha went for a walk to Bandung with his friends. His wish to have tato permanent on the back foot right him aimed his step to juru tato Ken Ken in the region Batu.

"I liked the flower." Therefore was chosen by me tato this. Said that made tato this the cherry tree flower, he said the matter of his choice. Marsha hoped, tato that was tato first and last. "As the woman, I was enough to have one tato then." Moreover if tato on the hands, the back, enggak deh, he said still was justified.

Afgan Shah Reza and Sheza Idris.

After together undertook religious duties umroh last September, there was the blowing news the matter of special relations of Afgan Shah Reza and pesinetron Sheza Idris. However Sheza that was met on Sunday night (19/10) in his residence admitted to still not having anything, although the possibility continued to be available. "I only sahabatan was the same him." He one year under me. He his person spoilt was the same me, often telephoned, was sharing, said Sheza. On last Sunday morning (19/10),

Sheza celebrated repeated ultah him with the older brother, Shezy Idris. In the party that asked several reporters, this BUTTERFLY film star also invited Afgan. Unfortunately pelantun Thank You Cinta could not be present. "He was invited, but he had the agenda so not could come," said Sheza. Still stayed curious with Sheza relations and Afgan, the reporter continually urged the actress born in this October 14 1988. However Sheza continue to keukeuh, although not closing the possibility of that happening. "Not closed the possibility." Frightened him every not evidently went steady but He had the agenda so not could come, said Sheza. Still stayed curious with Sheza relations and Afgan, the reporter continually urged the actress born in this October 14 1988.

However Sheza continue to keukeuh, although not closing the possibility of that happening. "Not closed the possibility." Frightened him every not evidently went steady. But at this time not, because of Afgan still konsen in the lecture was the same the career. Until this still temenan, pungkas him. (kpl/ang/boo)

Rihanna, Show in Indonesia on November 14

Finally.. diva that in wait for uptil now by his lovers in Indonesia came also, after waiting that for quite a long time Rihanna will come to satisfy the thirst fans him especially in Jakarta. In the series of his Asian tour this time that was featuring was the same as his album that is Good Girl Gone Bad, pelantun this "Umberella" song will it was confirmed visit Indonesia especially Jakarta in Rihanna Live In Concert this coming November 14 2008 in Istora Senayan. With the competent SHOWMASTER LIVE champion of the same class, Rihanna that was the next diva in the world this immediately will spoil the lovers for approximately 90 minutes with various special performances definitely him because almost all supporting equipment also at once was flown to support this agenda eventually.

"To stage the stage and the supporting decoration" of the "Rihanna concert other like the lighting, the elevator etc., 80 percent came from the Rihanna side that will want to make his concert successful in Jakarta later." Revealed Willy Hidayat as the champion Show this Live master in the afternoon in his press conference in Coffee Club Plaza Senayan Jakarta.

Concerning the price of the ticket, the organising side or Showmaster Live as the champion defined the price in accordance with his class was their respective that is, Rp.2.500.00 for the VIP class, Rp.2.000.000 for the Stand class, Rp.1.250.00 for the A Festival class and Rp.750.000 for the B Festival. Only an additional information, if in the Rihanna concert later was not opening the band right, the alias only diva then that the concert in one stage! So in other words, you-you all must be guaranteed will be satisfied to see your favourite singer sang-song the idol like Umberella, Shut Up, Drive & Do the note stopped The Music as well as Take A Bow that to no.1 in the Billboard ladder great 100 that remained for 52 weeks.

Artis Tora Sudiro

The Tanto Sudiro comment, that also the actor's father Tora Sudiro in the media, invited the irritated feeling for the film star QUICKIE EXPRESS. Through the statement that was sent in front of his house, on Tuesday night 14/10.

Tora visible was disappointed with statement that was let loose by the father. The "cave also knew, my father hated the camera also," he revealed half of the angry. Beforehand infotainment put forward the father's informant Tora, that mentioned his child's household was full of the problem.

From Tanto also was received by information if his child no longer was harmonious with Angie, the wife of the legality. Nevertheless Tora was not prepared to give his confirmation clearly. He several times only gave the answer at random and the trend was carried emotions. "Ask him later if being finished," replied the CINLOK star was evasive. In the opportunity also, the 'news hunters' admitted to being made in disappointed with the Tora action that uring-uringan and arrogant. Moreover a most reporter could be pushed and received the curse from the Extravaganza star.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie was born in Los Angeles, California, on June 4 1975. The actress who also was professional as this model was known as the envoy the Union of the Bangsa Nation (the UN) the affair of world peace.

His peace campaign was also shown through his hobby adopted the baby was neglected from several Third World countries, like his decision to adopt Maddox Chivan Jolie-Pitt (Cambodia) and Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt (Ethopia) , Angelina also had the biological child from his girlfriend the actor Brad Pitt, Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt.

In the meantime in the history of his love, Jolie had married the actor Billy Bob Thornton and Jonny Lee Miller, both of them ended with the divorce. Currently Jolie establishes relations with Pitt since 2004, during together star in Mr & Mrs. SMITH .Angelina Jolie Voight Perempuan Los Angeles, California, on June 04 1975

Artis Julia Perez

Already around six years, Julia Perez built the household with Damien Perez. For that also, the couple who married in France in October 7 2002 that tried to meet the descendants. Nevertheless the Lord did not yet 'trust' them to get from giving them. Jupe that had experienced had a miscarriage last year that, admitted to not feeling hopeless, although being sentenced by the doctor, small the possibility had the descendants.

From the doctor's inspection Jupe was claimed only had the opportunity 40% to be able to have the child, the reason for the condition for his uterus that was more unhealthy. However no matter how small the opportunity continued to push him to continue hard to try. Moreover crossed on his marrow to join the program of the tube baby. "During 2005 I had wanted to take part in the program of the tube baby, but must live in France for two years." Continued I took the holiday previously to Indonesia, continued was offered casting. After returning to France, and in 2006 returned to Indonesia again, could the long contract offer, so still not to France, After returning to France, and in 2006 returned to Indonesia again, could the long contract offer, so still not to France, said Jupe, when being met in Jakarta, on Wednesday (15/10).

With his condition at this time, the owner of the KAMASUTRA album admitted to being grateful, because on the other side of himself still was given by the loyal husband. The man that already six years accompanied loyally, he said. "Efforts already many, has been unsteady, goes straight to the hospital, now yes only prayed, doain yes 2009 had the child," he revealed

Oncy from Ungu Band

In this time i read news artist about Oncy was recorded gathered together Purple since 2003 then. In his age was 27th that fell in October 2 that, the owner's man of the complete Arlonsy Miraldi name admitted to being satisfied with the career that was gained at this time. "Yes his name the person, but definitely not was satisfied him." But for the moment I has felt quite satisfied to have with Purple friends a career, said Oncy. In this Oncy birthday, there were no celebration specially. However was revealed if his vocalist in Purple, Pasha became the first person who gave congratulations. "Yes first, he the Pasha." Continued the date pass 2 yesterday, would still the atmosphere of lebaran, therefore the family still in ngumpul all, said the man who beforehand had been made an issue of close to Kiki Amalia The turn was asked by the Luna Maya matter that later also close to himself, Oncy while half ran said, "Not had celebration". He with Luna only was limited by the close friend. Oncy insisting that his condition at this time be good-be good although middle. GoodLuck Ngejomblo yup.

Artist Luna Maya inspired the Interest grew the Child's Flower

Only was not pretty, but Luna Maya also had a social heart. His proof of Luna now becomes the ambassador UNWFP (United Nation World Food Program). This program personally co-operated with Blue Band held the agenda have the theme inspired Kepedulian Tumbuh-Kembangkan Anak became Hebat in Grand Melia Hotel on Tuesday early afternoon (14/10) earlier.

"There were several areas where age children" of the "malnutrition school so as the absorbency" of the "lesson not all that and not the concentration," said Luna that was gossiped about close to Onci Ungu this. Asked about the area that was visited by him as this program ambassador, Luna said that the area was not very far from his environment.

Now how the country wanted to go up with the clever nation if asupan the nutrient still not all that, she said.


Kiki Fatmala was In Film

About Kiki Fatmala,the Age around old not memengaruhi Kiki Fatmala in being high-fashion. Kiki that was known as bomseks in the era in the 1990 's, still was sexy in the new film. "I already 10 years not was in films." Now the pass was offered must the section's clothes, not the problem, said Kiki, in Gallery Cafe, Street Cikini Raya No 73, the TEAM, Jakarta Pusat, on Monday (13/10/2008). The actress who was hostile to his mother had a sexy appearance in the film of Mas Suka Masukin Aja, Besar-Kecil It apostr s OK, that immediately will carry in the cinema. He was not frightened the appearance of his section became the controversy. "Not the problem, previously the section, now the section." What for frightened the controversy? For me, was first just the same and now, he said relaxed. Although not trembling faced the controversy, Kiki had the feeling risih also. "I uneasy had the embrace scene and the hands grip." The matter is, I carried him out in a male manner that his age was younger 20 years.


Kiki Amalia Indifferent

Hengky Kurniawan has official proposed to Christy Jusung, last October 10. Kiki Amalia, the former girlfriend Hengky, was not sad. Kiki even was impressed indifferent. "I did not want discussed that was other." I wanted to appreciate the feeling of the other person, kelit Kiki when being met in Gallery Cafe, Street Cikini Raya, No 73, the Ismail Marzuki Garden, Jakarta Pusat, on Monday (13/10/2008). Kiki admitted to not wanting to be involved in the personal problem of the other person. Not only that, the woman who was rumoured to have the child from pesepakbola Kurniawan Dwi Yulianto this also already mengkhlaskan concerning the Hengky debt. "All has been accepted by me." I must maintain the feeling of the family and his good reputation, said this bloody Makassar artist. Since being cut off from Hengky, Kiki's relations with his former girlfriend indeed never akur. Both of them often were involved in hostility because of various problems. It seems, Kiki jealous because Hengky more chose Christy than himself. (fin)

Bunga Citra Lestari dan Ashraf Married

Artist nad Singer Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL) was ascertained will end the period remained single by marrying the Malaysian actor, Ashraf Sinclair, this coming November 8. "Truly, we have put permission married to KUA Pasar on Sunday." God willing, on November 8 we married, I the Flower in the Imperium Tower, Kuningan, Southern Jakarta, on Monday (13/10/2008) the dawn. Pelantun Cinta Pertama (Sunny) this was reluctant to clarify the concept of the marriage of two countries. The "concept still in preparations." I Padang, so not far with the Malay tradition, said Bunga.

Artis Nikita Willy

Nikita Willy is a young star on Indonesia, which has a number of ad headline, patron and feature films. Nikita Willy known to the public starting role when the patron in the ROMAN PICISAN with the original actors Papua, Evan Sanders.

foto hot Nikita Willy

Nikita Willy birth at Jakarta, June 29, 1994 is starting a career since the age of seven years through patron BULAN BINTANG. Then followed a patron such as ROMAN PICISAN, RATU MALU DAN JENDRAL KANCIL, SI CECEP, HABIBI DAN HABIBAH, PACAR PILIHAN, PENGANTIN KECILKU, MAK COMBLANG JATUH CINTA.

Nikita Willy (2).jpgNikita Willy (3).jpgNikita Willy (4).jpg
Foto Nikita Willy

Meanwhile, as a model of the ad, Nikita Willy was a model of ads for Milton, Citra Body Lotion, Pigeon cosmetics, Choki-Choki, detergent Total, Holland Bakery, Bank BNI, Bank BII and Roma chocolate wafer.

Dian Sastro Wardoyo

Diandra Paramitha Sastrowardoyo (constant March 16, 1982 in Jakarta, in Indonesia) -- more popularly known like Dian Sastro or Dian Sastrowardoyo -- is a model and an actress Indonesian.

In 1996, it was the girl of cover of Gadis, a store of adolescence in Indonesia. It later became popular like Daya, the protagonist in Pasir Berbisik (sand of whisper). Dian to give a blow of foot-have finally begun its career on the big screen with a role of cameo in the Malayan film strongly popular Puteri Gunung Ledang before being quickly established as a one of Indonesia 's majority of the influential actresses, being held the first role out of films such as ADA Apa Dengan Cinta (AADC) (what 's upwards with love? (film)), Banyu Biru, violet of Ungu and Belahan Jiwa.

Its (at March 2007) recent aspects of television include to play Raya in Dunia Tanpa Koma and a short work assigned like host centre of the exposure Kuis Milyarder superb Tiga Milyar of play.

Hot Photo Sandra Dewi

After Andara Early, Kiki Amelia and others, now Sandra Dewi innings.

Sinetron player Cinta Indah in surprises come in a special magazine francis of man. What caused a tumult, with Sandra for underwear (lingerie) and sensual pleasure. The result, her beautiful body dint is also eating is the vision for humans. Sandra Dewi

Even so, Quick Express movie player supporter confess not to seek popularity by himself as this. "I'm not seeking popularity. Because the base, I am a model. I am a model of MRA group. So, there is no problem. Important, Sandra would still have to be Sandra was kindhearted and child of God," express the .Sandra Dewi

History Andi Soraya learned from Sheila Marcia

Andi Soraya learned from Sheila Marcia

The arrest of the young artist Sheila Marcia during nyabu evidently was the lesson for Andi Soraya. What was studied by Andi from Sheila? "Saw Sheila like that, so the lesson for us, more must be on the alert gimana and with who we socialised," said Andi was met after visiting Sheila in female resistance District Police Jakarta Utara, on Sunday (17/8/2008). Just because Sheila was arrested during nyabu with several of his friends, Andi is currently careful in choosing the friend. He was frightened the friend gaul him precisely carried him to illegal drugs. "If being seen by me my friend with tolerable I went first." Do not be trapped, said the film star 'Anda Puas Saya Loyo'. The life of the celebrity was acknowledged by Andi really quite was susceptible to illegal drugs. However as the mother from his two children sebisa possibly moved further away from the object that caused the addiction. "I will have the child, as my parents must give the example," stated the former friend of the life of this Steve Emmanuel.



Happy Salma See Sheila Marcia

The artist Happy Salma visited Sheila Marcia that was jailed because nyabu. According to Happy necessarily Sheila was not treated like resistance. "If true he the user, that meant him will be sick." The person was sick must diterapi in rehabilitation not here, he explained ended visited Sheila in the female prison District Police Jakarta Utara, on Sunday (17/8/2008). The film star the 'Hantu Aborsi Ghost' believed Sheila only a victim. As casualties, he not necessarily was imprisoned. "Sheila only a victim, will have the port, the distributor et cetera," he accused. Happy saw the sweetheart Roger Danuarta was strong enough to undergo the punishment. The film star the 'Hantu Manggarai Carriage did' not' whine although being imprisoned.



Inul Daratista Go To Malaysia

Inul Drill Again in Malaysia
After recently twice failed to perform the concert, Inul drilled ngebor again in Malaysia. This time he entertained thousands of Indonesian citizens who joined the BIRTHDAY ceremony of Kemerdekan Indonesia the 63 in Wisma Duta KBRI. According to RI Ambassador to Malaysia, Dai Bachtiar, Inul's presence was to fill yearning for the Indonesian citizen against his idol artist. "Must be seen, that the artist that wanted was the Indonesian citizen, because of wanting to watch him." We gave the opportunity they to watch his idol. His condition was orderly, said Dai after the RI BIRTHDAY warning to 63 in Wisma Duta KBRI, Street U Than, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Sunday (17/8/2008) Dai claimed, Inul was invited only only to fill up entertainment in the RI. BIRTHDAY did not have his connection with the policy of the Malaysian government that forbade the East Java artist to appear in Johor and Kuala Lumpur beforehand.
Moreover according to him, Inul was present entertained in the territory ekstrateritorial RI in Kuala Lumpur. "This indeed our territory." Wherever appearing continued to become the idol. That was most important, if watched must be orderly, he exclaimed. "And I did not want to influence the policy that has been dismissed by the Malaysian Government." Because of this we really honored this policy, more former Chief Police of Republic of Indonesia this. Inul's electoral reason for filling up entertainment in Wisma Duta, Dai said, beforehand the KBRI side tried to invite as for the rest. "But other artists busy." Only Inul that could, he said. Although cooing in Wisma Duta, Inul continues to appear like usually. Thousands of WNI that most manpower was fluctuating followed the rhythm of the owner's unsteady song drilled that.