Kate Beckinsale's breasts have problem

There was a problem with Kate Beckinsale's breasts. Although already done a boob job, Beckinsale was less satisfied with his performance today. Yes, about the breasts as well.

"I always had doubts about the appearance. Most women have a problem and I'm one of them, "he said as quoted Beckinsale Showbiz Spy.

Beckinsale expressed doubts about this appearance by saying that he had an awkward moment came the rumors that said, breast surgery done to achieve the high pay in the new film.

"Suddenly everybody discuss breasts, not the brain. I felt at some point people like that just to get me, "complained Beckinsale.

Beckinsale was felt had performed perfectly after breast surgery. However, when all people discuss and exaggerate it, he felt less comfortable

"I began to wonder why everyone is so concerned with things that are not problems at all,"