Ariadna Gutierrez. Exposed, Miss Colombia So the winner of the Miss Universe 4 Minutes

Seconds crowning of Miss Universe 2015 was so tense. And everything seemed to have ended completely when MC Steve Harvey announces that this year's winner was Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez.
Post declared a winner, Ariadna immediately jumped happy. With the same smile, Paulina Vega handed Miss Universe sash and put the crown on the head of Ariadna.
But it turns out the happiness of Miss Colombia lasted only super short. From video recorded by Playwire and reported from Rickey.org Ariadna only holds the title of Miss Universe, and crowns for 4 minutes.
All the fault of the MC of this event erroneous announce who the winner of this annual event. And the truth about who the winner was announced by Steve when Ariadna is waving to the rest of the audience as his first greeting to be the winner.
So Steve announce who the real winner, not only Ariadna bewildered. Miss Philippines, Pia Wurtzbach Alonzo felt the same, because it turns out he was the original winner of this contest.
This case makes the victory Ariadna as the shortest of the record winner of Miss Universe. Most winners hold this crown in months, but Ariadna just enjoying his victory in just minutes.
Steve immediately apologized for the mistakes he had made. Not only in front of the camera, Steve also apologized via his personal Twitter account.
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