During pregnancy, Kareena Kapoor

In a matter of days, Kareena Kapoor will give birth to her first child. Throughout pregnancy, Kareena hardly encountered many problems, both with health and his career in the entertainment world.

But there is one thing that often makes Kareena disgust at this moment of the first pregnancy. And he suspects that it will continue until the child is born later. What the heck?

"I hated it when people have started knowledgeably and advised me about the child, keeping the pregnancy, life would be changed, morals and so forth," said Kareena as reported from Bollywoodlife.

How not annoyed, I and Saif have not even any shopping for the baby. We also do not think about the name because the want to enjoy this time. Saif also apa2 not talk, he just told me to keep myself and respect my choice to keep work and activities. Why do other people excited? "He continued.
Kareena who might not feel the same way when pregnant. But Kareena has always had a way to overcome sebalnya, namely with a lot of work and forget about what people talk.

Kareena really enjoyed her pregnancy with enjoy. He did not limit his work, and do all the things he liked and supported by her husband.

Okay Bebo, hopefully lahirannya smoothly ya ...

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