Newbiz Jessica Mila until now have not had a role in the film

Action jump in the world since the age of the children, Jessica Mila until now have not had a role in the film gets the big screen. But he has enough polish skills action in the display glass.

Currently, Jessica is busy in the two sinetron, "I still syuting Nikita and Nikita in MANOHARA if I became a friend Nikita in the orphanage. Friends is still as small as Rani in MANOHARA so adiknya Manohara," said Jessica found in ultah Nikita Willy, Studio Persari Ciganjur Jagakarsa, South Jakarta (29 / 6).

Jessica is often world akting since he is still sitting in the elementary school. "I have since grade 5 elementary school is now and I high school grade 3. Sinetron If you have 5 times and FTV, the film I have not," she said.

But the world is still the big screen foreign stars for this. "If the film I rarely do castingnya. I was casting, but I have not signed in it, now I have a bid. Now I have not come to it. No time," he said.


Singer Syahrini claim to have a closeness with the artist nabila Syakieb, is binding even laiknya siblings. As a result, the birth of stars Bogor, 1 August 1982 for a relationship that diisyukan 'forbidden' love with Yuri Ihza Mahendra that.

"Astagfirullah, the issues that have a again. so nabila have a girlfriend. We are close like sisters brother. Work together, again met less intensity. So if ketemu like smell, hug-hug," emphatically.

Rini found that in the event prefiew film perdananya, THE MALINGS grave in Blok M Plaza, Sunday (28 / 6), the hands that are often coupled, and even smell cheek often met at the beginning. But all of that, does not eliminate the status of women as normal, like the type of opponent.

Michael Jackson is hearse brought by the family to a house in mourning Los Angeles, United States

Michael Jackson is hearse brought by the family to a house in mourning Los Angeles, United States, Saturday (27 / 6) morning local time. Otopsi Jasad based on the legendary singer, the former is not found so close the trauma indication of a possible crime.

Pelantun song Heal The World was made unconscious and stopped breathing after the injection is given pereda pain by the doctor, yesterday. Jakson that Jacko was forced to close dikabarkan often use paregoric overdosis which eventually make it to meet one's fate.

Los Angeles police, continue to investigate the death of "King of Pop" is. The police said the investigation will depend on the personal doctor Jacko. Section, the dokterlah that accompany Jacko to the last seconds of his life.

Many fans tertantang style a la Jacko. After he died, fans around the world as if he seeks the re-start from the origin to Asia. In Taiwan, have a fan in the memories. 1993, he had berfoto competition with prizes as Billie Jean Dance.

Artis Wanda Hamidah have four credit cards

For the celebrities who live close to the style glamor, planning the future could be the last thing that is done, but for the stage at once caleg elected mandate from the National Party, Wanda Hamidah, fortunately loss in the planning of the future take into account he has.

"I never used to have four credit cards, note that if payment each month is large enough. If I described up to age 65 years, it will be very beneficial for me to be, but apparently it does not. So, I cut three of them, so stay one, "said Wanda.

the wife of Judge Raoul Cyril implement practices that claim to calculate carefully concerning the future of their children.

"It was my parents who apply to me. Finally, I revealed that I do with my child. The children I have listed for my insurance, Allah all who have in the house I insurance later," he said as the speaker in these talkshows .

Sandra Dewi in Ragusta Cafe, Grand Indonesia very busy with job

As a celebrity who is enjoying the success, of Sandra Dewi had a remarkable, and it appears to cause Sandra do not have a 'trailer'.

"Yes indeed I am now the busy, therefore I was looking for love. Saking So I am busy, lots of work, many do-do that was so vague deket want more, but I'm not afraid because the match had to come when" he said.

Sandra Dewi in Ragusta Cafe, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, Kamis (25 / 6), the full name Monica Nicholle Sandra Dewi Gunawan Basri also reveal if busy can also mean as a selection event for the candidates for the assistant.

"I can be busy so a boon, so I select a girl-girl in the near with me, they must know how busy I am," virgin bloody cesspool mixture Palembang, Chinese, Sundanese, and the Netherlands

Angelina Jolie is now ready to plunge into the world politics

stage as this is a Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations, Angelina Jolie is now ready to plunge into the world politics. In fact, according to sources he will not hesitate repudiate its status as a pesohor to be more concentration on the political world.

Later Angelina is often involved in social activities, including defending the rights of refugees. If it be, in fact the midwife of social interest in this started when Angelina syuting film in Cambodia in 2001 ago. As social concern is also beautiful daughter actress actors John Voight began 'diligent' adopting children from Asia.

"He has confessed to the sparkling Hollywood bored. He said he is currently preparing to Washington. He is very concerned with human rights, war, justice and according to him he will be doing a lot more if it was to the world of politics," says a source Angelina niatan on the Hollywood left.

ContactMusic also mentioned that the target is installed Angelina also not play. He said, is respect for Angelina President Barack Obama, but he sure can do more if he is in the same position. Who knew twenty years old again Angelina Jolie will become president of the United States

Couples and artist Ari Sihasale Nia Zulkarnaen through their company

Couples and artist Ari Sihasale Nia Zulkarnaen through their company, Alenia Pictures, released the film background badminton sport in Indonesia. Film entitled King adopted from the legendary life story of Lim Swie King is ready to begin playing in theaters June 25 2009.

Nia-ale and greeting familiar-they plan to start making the film a year ago. That was after struggling a year to do research to find a reasonable figure as the background story. "Research we drop the option to Lim Swie King to be the basis for this film," said Ale after the screening at Planet Hollywood yesterday (22 / 6).

In addition to performance, Lim Ale choose because there is a story that made the story interesting to film. "Kisahnya interesting and there are relationships between fathers and children. That should be imitated, than try to show the struggle and work hard," Ale pillowslip the double position as producer as well as director.

According to Ale, although the background sports, film King dominated more drama elements. It was also promised to the legend that the film will bring the message the importance of the spirit and work hard to achieve success. "Not only in the field of badminton, but also other sectors. Mission film also to take back badminton in Indonesia," he said.

For, the initial objections Lim feel if the film was only told about the success and life itself. "Initially, I also ask, why me? Kan, many other, more reasonable. But, the answer is not Nia and Ari siapanya, but the purpose of this movie made," said Lim. "To encourage children now. So, anyone tokohnya, not only me, it is the same," said the man berjuluk the King of Smash.

Nia hope, watching the film, the young athletes and children of the present spirit and motivated by success stories Lim. "The goal should be pursued. Nggak we can sit malasan continue to be champion," he said.

In addition, said Nia, to recollect how Lim athletes become active when the name of defending the nation in the international badminton stage. "The king has to smash a free one now. So, when watching the Istora (Senayan) yesterday, we lost as a jumping smash Mas King on view. Yet there is instead," said actor Dicky Zularkaen daughter (deceased) was

Artis Zora Vidyanata hope will be have child

Built river craft household is not easy to reverse the hands. It was also recognized by ZoRa Vidyanata. Dono Indriyarto wife that it takes time for 7 days to adjust to the duties of a wife.

"After I married a graph up and down, but now is stable. I used to a new marriage I'm not understand the duties as a wife, but now I understand and I can unify the two different views," said ZoRa, found in Studio Penta, Kebon Orange, on Monday (22 / 6).

Furthermore, the ZoRa itself can only be a matter of berpasrah children. Even if it wanted to concentrate on his career first, but he also did not reject if given the CHILD time.

"Now I fill brother again, so I'm not for children's affairs. Hope I will have two girl children and women. During this effort I like to see a doctor, after I checked the wrong toksoplasma virus, this virus can not be removed but in - non-switch. I like the treatment for 3 months, "he said.

Toksoplasma is a disease caused by parasites toksoplasma gondii, which can be transmitted by cat. However, the virus is not contagious. Then, how to effort ZoRa immediately have child?

Alyssa Soebandono will be immediately leave the homeland to continue the study

Alyssa Soebandono will be immediately leave the homeland to continue the study. Of course he would leave relatives and friends who boy friends. For such a young actress is the farewell party before departure to Australia on 29 June 2009 to come.

Party held at the Café Mahakam Piza, Jaksel, Friday (19 / 6) was intended to ask for prayers from all his friends. "Yes right time,week end. So what can 1 group all. Also please pray for the blessing hopefully be smooth," said the familiar stars are called Icha this.

Leaving the family is so sad for a while Icha. But with go on this time he wanted to prove to himself alone. "Of course, sad. Mikirnya year ago is still far, no papa. But suddenly now living 10 days longer. If the child's mother called do not. My Manager Mama is so, so he is automatically and to go everywhere with the same certainty mama. buatku But why should I fear spelled out son mom? Here I prove that I can be independent, "he said.

Not only the family leave so that Alyssa sadness, but also leave the career that has begun to climb. "Jujur very heavy, because I start from zero up to be like this go on ago. Yes one of pride. But I need to live options. Although the weight and offer much more, but more Icha important education of any kind," he added.

Careers Chelsea Olivia increasing

As a model in a magazine, careers Chelsea Olivia increasing. He was among the well-lovers sinetron. Not only that, he also jump in the world after the vote digaet pull Jimmy Bondoc to join the No Ordinary Stars (BBB). Chelsea and does not claim to have special restrictions that getto undergo a career course, and between song sinetron. 

"Indeed, from the Tea Melly do have their own restrictions for the main sinetron. Initially we berlima (BBB, red) that have each occupation. The free aja. I may be in sinetron, same kayak Dimas Beck may be the presenter," said inamorato Glenn Alinskie this scorpion found in the Studio Penta, Kebon Jeruk , Jakbar, Thursday (18 / 6). 

Although no timetable because it must be a solid all at the same, Chelsea does not want to release one of his career. Still enjoy all traveled.

the artist Chintami Atmanegara musician Oddie Agam was still in progress with both

Although no longer a couple, the relationship with the artist Chintami Atmanegara musician Oddie Agam was still in progress with both. Even in cases with part Bayu Maruto, Tami confess to get support from the former husband of the first.

"He supports me why. We often an SMS. Basically he knows about my house. He was also the father of my child," said Chintami when found in the Religious, South Jakarta, Wednesday (17 / 6) afternoon.

Brother artist interested Atmanegara uterus is also reluctant to explain the problems with the house Bayu. According to him, let the household problem is not known by the public. However, Tami intimate almost 3 years this house a little problematic.

"It is almost for 3 years I think our problem, and I finally decided with the mature-mature. yess decision for divorce is the need for a long time. And I experienced it," Tami said.

Artis Cici Paramida

Although domestic violence cases have been submitted to the parties that dialaminya Bogor police station, but Cici Paramida was still not appointed a lawyer to be a power law.

It be by Rosita, who represented the family and Cici in preskon held on Jl. Self-sufficient, Tanjung Priuk, North Jakarta, on Tuesday (16 / 6).

"Until this time there is no lawyer, but later there will be," said Rosita affirm.

While the matter of the possibility of peace, Rosita confess akan discussed later, after the decision of the family of Cici.

"Peace will not be discussed or later, waiting for Cici policy big family," added the women always wear the jilbab.

In preskon held at around 12 noon, and according to Rosita, Cici Paramida is still not ready to meet journalists, and are themselves recovering from physical injury

Dewi Persik with Asep Komarudin clarification to the financial problems

Of all the hearings that have lasted many months in the case of enmity with the former Perssik Dewi manajer, Asep Komarudin, only this time the council so long to run. The hearing on Monday (15/06), which was held at PN Jakut without Dewi attended this lasted from 12:00 o'clock to 14:15 o'clock noon.

Agenda itself is Asep party verification of the recorded interviews in the form of DP Asep was told about the money run around Rp350 million. After the recording was played in front of the judge, proceeded with the agenda to bring witnesses from the DP.

According to the plan, there are 4 people received as a witness, but only two people who came that Mubaroq A Irham HS, a former personal assistant DP, and Muchlas Azizi M, part of the administration of DP.

In the trial, the Irham never heard that statement about DP Asep. Aziz itself shows a great book report financial income and expenses. say have miss that part of the report on the book because there are large savings books that were lost.

Therefore, Elza Syarief, Dewi new power law, suggested to make clarification about the problem with financial reporting.

"I suggest that what if they sit with clarification to the financial problems because I handle the new incoming case. And after I carefully and I see in the trial, there are reports of missing. I'm not talking aja together?" Elza suggestions on Judicial Assembly.

While the parties claim to own Asep agree to do so, as long as the Goddess really want to apologize. "We do agree aja, but from the Goddess Perssik there must be the word of apology to the application because he already Asep Asep accuse defraud," tukas Unarta, Asep power law.

Info Future Dyah Pitaloka

October 2009 rieke future Dyah Pitaloka official will be in the parliament, although not in the Commission know where it will be, but a graduate of Faculty of Letters University of Indonesia, the Netherlands, confessing are seeking 'adjuvant', which will help him in later work.

"In addition to supply themselves, so search-search people to help me work, because work in the parliament is not easy, that person must understand the politics not only smart and committed, but must be loyal to us," said rieke.

Meanwhile, rieke found in KapanLagi.com Ad Laskar Mandiri Nail Care Bima, in FX Sudirman Plaza Jaksel, Friday (12 / 6), if he hopes the Commission can take the nine -

"I hope the commission IX, in the workforce, I have some training event will follow me, both from the party, the House of Representatives, NGO friends, if nine out of commission, they will help legislation-legislation are akan diperjuangkan, "he said.

usy Rahmawati Jose Purnomo. will be better

invorce appears to be an impact for good and Lusy Rahmawati Jose Purnomo. After the divorce, relationships in this pair even better. Lusy life and also continue to run post-part. Singer this stage to return to music with the launch a new album.

Although divorce has been, the problem of children and create a relationship Lusy Jose recover. Both are now set the schedule to discuss the problems of children. "More smoothly after the divorce, better communication, SMS, phone, and even had a holiday with children. We make a pact muter schedule communication but to discuss a child," said Lusy found in the location of the video clip syuting Life in the Studio Warehouse, Cililitan, East Jakarta, Wednesday (10 / 6).

Although the needs of children supported Jose, Lusy still decide to work again in order to meet their needs and achieve dreams. "For Jose mas still fully support for children, most just need a different time, the spirit that is now working again. I want to move home because I still live in the house of the former law. Want to build a house to be together in the child's own home. Nay mas Jose objections I live in the house that long, but conditions are different. " she said

Artis Alice Norin in sesitif

The characters in the film Eliana WHEN CINTA hymn, Alice Norin recognize himself if that figure is cuek, but sometimes it can also be sensitive.

Less is also influenced this profession as the character who often portray the various characters. In addition, this is due hobinya watching the film, from drama to film comedy thriller he greedily.

"In fact, it is basically the most I seneng thriller. Hantuan-purpose bogeyman thriller, it's only really two of the drama is always a favorite I like. Yah, sure, and especially with the story in WHEN HARRY MET SALLY aktingnya mad," said the wife of DJ Riri this.

Then he shows how often the feeling sensitifnya? "Fair is, but middling sensitive depending on whom the same. More to the condition, usually the same people and this is too ga, cuek," pungkas Alice.

Manohara Odelia Pinot already does have the in film

Although complaints of persecution say to the police still have not also wrong, but it seems Manohara Odelia Pinot already does have the in film. This is say while attending the gala film Premiere WHEN CINTA hymn in EX Plaza, Jakpus, Tuesday (09/06).

"Film is great, too bad I can not watch out," he said while buying a DVD movie will also know that the message dikandung by the film is made in Egypt.

Then if interested Manohara main movie? "Yes, if there is opportunity. I have some bids," answered while smiling.

Artis Manohara

Although it has been divisum twice, still seems Manohara will do vise again. The reason, this report is the official who actually have a letter of permission from the investigator.

"Today we also make a report directly to the RSCM. And after the report, we expect the family to be the suspect Kelantan, Tengku Muhammad Fakhry especially and the people before," said Hotman Paris Hutapea as a power law Manohara Odelia Pinot when found in Mabes Police, on Tuesday (09/06) before lunch.

According to him, this time the report will examine the entire body Manohara, including the heart and soul. "Because the evidence is proof of the main report that we hold. Moreover, this report done in conjunction with the Police Mabes Police. If this is the first lawyer, will not fall apart like this. Aja We have a new two-day move," explained.

Disinggung how to make the visa back yesterday Mano already divisum by Doctor Mun'in Indris, Hotman confess this is done because to comply with criminal law.

"The first one, yesterday to ensure that you do not get going slander. The second, according to criminal law, someone must have divisum is a letter from the investigators," his him.

The Virgin of the status of the personel : married

The Virgin of the status of the personel. It was also recognized by Mitha Dara and, then, what if kedepannya they will marry, will disband the Virgin?

The question was answered by loud Mitha. He said, there is no prohibition from their boss Ahmad Dhani let alone be engaged to get married, even if they assert at any time they want, they can perform marriages.

"We should not I marry, we are ready at any time. Mas Dhani I also had nentuin. The only prayer," said Mitha KapanLagi.com when found in the studio Cawang, East Jakarta, Friday (5 / 6) ago.

Meanwhile, concerning the name of the Virgin which is synonymous with virginity, the two women who are becoming increasingly popular through the single Forbidden Love is that if it is not a problem.

"Previously been asked to mas Dhani, becandaan aja sih matter what if we later married. She said the name change so aja The Virgin not anymore," pungkas Mitha while laughing

Karenina Sunny Halim, Miss Indonesia 2009 No Current English

Form a Miss Indonesia usually very familiar with the culture of this nation. Not from them, rarely even take one or two of culture. However, there is a little different at this time in the. Sunny Karenina Halim, wholesaler crown Miss Indonesia 2009, would not speak fluent Indonesian.

"Yes soalnya I first learned of the home schooling of correspondents from the United States directly. Jad yes indeed my English is less true. But I will study and learn English well and properly," he said after the Final Night in the Miss Indonesia 2009 in JCC, Friday (5 / 6) evening.

[Info for you: "All the news KapanLagi.com in the mobile phone can be opened. Make sure that the GPRS or 3G services you are active, and open your mobile internet browser.

And not just the language that has not been properly mastered by brother Steve Emmanuel this matrix. Girls were selected as representatives of Jakarta VI also confess not memorize all the provinces in the country.

"Indonesia is a country that has 33 provinces and I have not memorize provinces in Indonesia. But I can be sure to learn more in a variety of cultures and customs in Indonesia," he said.

Karenina, a familiar disapa Nina, was selected as Miss India, after which Viviane eliminate competitors who are representatives of Bali and representatives from the South West, Melati Putri Kusuma Dewi.

Artis Luna Maya Hospital Prita Mulyasari case

Prita Mulyasari case with Omni International Hospital is now much talked-about people. Bad service from the hospital had also experienced Luna Maya. When sick caecum, Luna obtain a prescription.

Luna told story regarding physician and hospital services that bad. "Previously been in the hospital because the caecum. In Hospital 10 hour nights, I have to buy drugs Rp 300 thousand. That's enough to make me useless things. Because there is no impact, my condition not improved," said Luna Only in that I found Club, FX Mall Jakarta, Thursday (4 / 6).

"Until I finally back at 04.00 in the dawn I UGD. But doctor jogging again. So 8 am direct operations. fast once Wow, I have fast-puasanya. For only the caecum and be an ulcer medication. Try if a more serious again appeared to hold a love drug, "he added.

However, although the services in the hospital in bad, Luna is not interested in treatment abroad. "Enggak lah, here also there is still a good doctor-good," explained.

Ariel Peterpan and Luna Maya

As a new Ariel Peterpan, Luna Maya should also maintain closeness with their children, Alleia anata. But for Luna, things like this can not be forced. Stars Janda Kembang choose to wait this time.

Daughter Ariel and Sarah Amalia, Alleia akan segera recurring year, when asked what the gift will be given, and only parry Luna akan send doanya. " it is not my mother. I only pray alone, Alleia hopefully become a good child, sholehah. Because I am just not the capacity to surprise on the Alleia," said star fans hammer this time in the event the release Road To Fight Global santai Famine in the World I The Only Club, FX Mall Jakarta, Thursday (4 / 6).

Luna also assert himself if the opportunity had never met directly with children kekasihnya. "No, not ever (turn up). I do not want maksain the time," ambassador firmly World Food Program this.

Okie Agustina Young again = Phasa Ungu Wife

Life is to be cheerful and do not need to look to the past, it is in the mind Agustina Okie now. The former wife of the Pasha Ungu this period lalunya enough memories are made. Although perhaps not be overlooked, he wanted to live through the front and do not need to think what has happened.

This is indeed indicated when the pussycat Dolls watch the concert with friends, most of the child band. "Yes, if first . But it still should control because the status is different," he said after the concert pussycat Dolls at Istora Senayan, Tuesday (2 / 6) night.

Okie say, go to a concert before departing he first requested permission to their children. "Earlier they took desire, but I may as night and like this place, so get out at home," he said.

"Yes I do like a like every day. It's time for the happy-happy. I also do ngerasa free, there is still a three tail (children, red)," Okie connect the night was relaxed style of children's dress up the band.

Then if Okie also requested permission to Pasha? Problem is, he shake. According to him he need not ask permission to the former husband, Pasha Moreover, if to own any also never ask for permission prior to himself.