Khloe Kardashian Prepare Start Divorce

After a long struggle with problems at home, Khloe Kardashian finally gave up and started to prepare divorce also with Lamar Odom.

As reported by Showbizspy, Khloe secretly contacted a divorce lawyer. But for now, he's not going to file for divorce.

  "Since the last two weeks, Khloe has been asked to prepare a divorce lawyer. But he has not even signed it," said one source.

Khloe himself felt there was no choice but to divorce from Lamar. Because the basketball player refused to do rehab to free themselves from the drug.

Stars Keeping UP With the Kardashians was initially thought that the problem of the household can be done if she was pregnant. But until now, the signs of the presence of children has not been felt.

Wow Sexy Female Fight Club Members, None Dare to Fight?

Wow...Ever watch a smackdown? Definitely knows how hard a battle of two muscular men in the ring right? What do you do if that is the woman?

Women who fight, usually relying shout, slap, or pulling hair. What about those who are in the fight for women's club? See the thrill on the next page ..

Lawrence - Hoult So end connect Newest Celeb Couples

Enough is enough news off-again couple Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, Hollywood now has a new off-again couple. The couple was none other than Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult.

Although both have been rumored break up, Jennifer Lawrence caught on camera walking around with his ex, Nicholas Hoult on the streets of Montreal, Canada. Exactly a month ago, they decided to end their relationship.

The two became close again since Thanksgiving feast completion of the filming process X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. The film will be released next year featuring Jennifer as Mystique and Nicholas as the Beast. Both have been dating for two years before finally deciding to part.

Prior to photograph these roads, both equally promote DAYS OF FUTURE PAST at Comic-Con event along with the other players. If it is true they are in a relationship again, it stands to reason that they will be performing together on the red carpet premiere of the movie. For now, they prefer to not attract too much attention and hide about their relationship.

HOLLYWOOD Kourtney Kardashian Pregnant Third Child?

After the birth of her first child Kim Kardashian, it looks like there will be more good news. Kourtney Kardashian is reportedly pregnant with her third. Really?

News that is published by OK! magazine. As reported by the Daily Mail, the media reported that Kourtney had told her pregnancy in a few close friends.

  "Kourtney admits that she was pregnant. He was very happy and only revealed this to some people, but surely he would not keep it a secret hold on," said the source.

The source added that Kourtney and boyfriend Scott Disick had long planned this pregnancy. They even had intended to add to a baby immediately after the second child, Penelope, was born.

The news was confirmed by the appearance Kourtney looked very tired when appearing in Los Angeles on Wednesday (31/7). But until now, there has been no official confirmation of the Kardashians themselves.

Lost Rihanna Sexy With Rita Ora?

Rihanna and Rita Ora touted as one type of female singers. In fact, not many are calling Rita Ora often mimic the appearance of Rihanna. The New Rihanna was the nickname pinned on Rita. Any comments on the assessment terseubut Rita?

"She (Rihanna) was remarkable. But we are different," says Rita in The Sun newspaper. "I am a woman from East London and he came from a small island. And her body is much better than me," he added.


But voting was held in The Sun it says another. Rita Ora get 58% of the total 9000 vote as a woman sexier than Rihanna. Rihanna herself only collect 42% of the vote.

Name is Rita Ora continue racing lately. Calvin Harris lover is known as a controversial singer who often appeared on stage.

Rita Ora believes himself less sexy with Rihanna. But Rita said voting is even more sexy. What do you think?

Beyonce concert in London Raup Biggest Income

Beyonce Knowles in concert solo record. He managed to earn about USD 82 billion in 6 concert in London a few months ago. The concert was viewed more than 97,000 fans.

This record beat One Direction are just grossed USD 66 billion for the seven-time concerts at the same venue. Besides in London, Beyonce also earned more income in concert at the Manchester Arena 3 for 3 days.

Parties confirm ticket sales could be record is going to happen in American concert later. The concert, which was titled The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour will kick off in Los Angeles Staples Center on June 28.

This unique concert is not in order promo album. But the owner of this song Lady Singles say if he will be launching his new album at the end of the year.

Courteney Cox Debut Jadi Sutradara Film

Once we know the figure of Courteney Cox as Gale Weaters journalist bitch named in the saga SCREAM. The actress, who is more often involved in the television series will soon be quietly shooting his debut film directed.

As reported by Digital Spy, Cox will be directing the film titled HELLO I MUST BE GOING. This drama genre film has secured two names to be the main character. They are Seann William Scott and Kate Walsh.

HELLO I MUST BE GOING story about Ted (Seann William Scott), a man who would commit suicide. But before doing so, he returned to his hometown to resolve the problem.

The screenplay was directed by David Flebotte who previously wrote the script Desperate Housewives.

Amanda Bynes Hina Paparazzi!

Amanda Bynes is being much affected by the problem. Ranging from marijuana to insult case against Rihanna, I wonder if he is distressed by the many media spotlight.

As recorded in the video below, when Amanda Bynes had just arrived at his apartment in New York numbers. Seeing the many media that face, he then insulted one of the paparazzi with a rude word. Fortunately it does not happen when the commotion.

Well, maybe Amanda took the time to calm down.

Lee Hyori Trigger modest shirts Controversy

Lee Hyori released a teaser of the music video of a song called Bad Girl album that will soon release, MONOCHROME. In the teaser photo Lee Hyori look charismatic with long hair and makeup style punk.

Nevertheless shirts worn Lee Hyori invite controversy. Funny pictures on the shirt is the caricature of the middle finger with the words F @ & K Off1!

Lee Hyori shirts controversy.

Despite trying to be covered with a large necklace, nothing can hide the naughty girl impression. While this is in accordance with the theme, not necessarily qualify shirts sensor.

Previously many other Korean artists have also been criticized for wearing a costume that shows a picture of the middle finger. Most of them are directly engaged and apologized.

Cancel Concert, Beyonce Submit Letter of Apology

Beyonce publicly apologized for the cancellation of a concert that he should have a degree in Belgium earlier this week. Through a letter that he posted on Facebook on Tuesday (14/5), he was admitted to undergo the decision with a heavy heart.

"It's so heavy it felt to me. Promise I will make it happen in the near future.'m Sorry I disappointed you," wrote Beyonce.

Letters facebookSurat Beyonce Beyonce @ @ facebook

At the end of the letter, Beyonce said that his condition has improved. In fact he was determined would give the best show.

Which is a series of concerts titled MRS CARTER WORLD tour is canceled because a doctor's diagnosis saying that Beyonce suffered dehydration and exhaustion. Other speculations say that Beyonce is pregnant second child.

Rihanna Showing off his latest collection at the Oxford Street Store

After a fashion brand, River Island, took part London Fashion Week, Rihanna is back showing her collection at the Oxford Street Store.

This time Rihanna collections shown include casual fashion collection with neutral colors. Rihanna alone know who determine the material, color, and the model he wanted for this collection.

Want to know what collection? Check out the video below, see if you can inspire everyday style:

Ridiculous Reaction When Drunk Girls Weight

Glare? Use Trash

I do not know what makes a party like this girl chose to put his head in the trash can. Apparently the room lights are too dazzling for the eyes, which is why he prefers to come to terms with the trash.


Sleeping on Toilet

Either this girl just shitting or just want to do it. He seems unable to return to a more feasible. Unable to control himself, he chose to sleep in the toilet is equipped with a toilet seat.
Almost Up Interest

When struggling from fatigue and dizziness produced by alcohol, this girl seems to have a maximum effort toward his bedroom. Unfortunately his efforts are not successful. He just got to the front door and fell asleep there.

Variety Fashion Selena Gomez,

Hollywood film in 2012 and filled with charming characters dressed. From fairy princess character, secret agent, to the equally sexy stripper gives examples of how to choose a dress or outfit that charming.

With clothing designed by renowned designer, the characters in this film like a model. Not only striking from the characterizations, they also steal attention through top-class performances.

There are a lot of characters that are displayed with a beautiful dress, but certainly not easy to choose the best among them. The ten figures who finally elected into 10 movie characters who look like a fashionista.

Amanda Seyfried picture

Amanda Seyfried has a new man in her life, Josh Hartnett.

Citing Showbizspy, Thursday (8/3), the actress was dating Dominic Cooper and Ryan Phillippe in the past, the center underwent a romantic relationship, Josh Hartnett.

In fact, the happy couple is in a relationship since it was introduced by a friend in January 2012.

"Josh likes to keep the relationship remained a secret, so they could get together at any time, without anyone knowing," said the source. [mor]

Cheryl Cole's ex-husband Playboy Girl Caught Fuck

Info from artis A bitter facts about romance Ashley Cole and Cheryl Cole revealed. Playboy girl claimed to have slept with the footballer.

According to the woman named Melissa Howe, Ashley often pick up and take her home that was occupied by Cheryl Ashley. That's where Ashley and Melissa satisfy their desire masing.Mantan Cheryl Cole's Husband Caught Fuck Girl Playboy

"We made love in all parts of the house," Melissa said as reported by The Sun.

Ironically, this heat connection occurs when Cheryl is rumored to be back at Ashley. Previously, the issue of the affair is coloring their relationship, so that lead to divorce.

Unfortunately, there has been no confirmation of any of the parties concerned. But if this is indeed true, then this fact would have hurt Cheryl.