Artis Wanda Hamidah

The arrival of Maria Ozawa or Miyabi known to Indonesia to kidnap miyabi filming on the upcoming October began seriously the various parties. One of them came from a beautiful model who is now struggling in the political, Wanda Hamida. According to Justice Raoul Cyril's wife or Chiko should not have to accommodate Miyabi obviously porn star in his native country. He also regretted the attitude that the media exaggerate the arrival of women's bloody three countries.

"Not without reason I rejected it. Because it's no secret the country is Indonesia's largest Muslim country in the world. How could the country's film starring porn star? So which our morality as a nation? Indirectly carried portraits and tarnished the country even though he not play pornographic films,

Found in one of the foundations in the region of South Cipete, southern Jakarta, Wanda said the community should give a moral sanction if Miyabi still live filming for the comedy-themed films.

"Even if he was filming, I have put just sanction of morality. Do not watch the movie," he emphasized