Miranda Kerr Find a Church Wedding Venue

A week after announcing her engagement, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr are now starting to find the church for their wedding venue in Los Angeles. Victoria's Secret model was accompanied by his mother and his dog around to find an appropriate church.

Kerr and Bloom are both embracing Buddhism, but they plan to do a wedding at the church. Last week the families of both parties to celebrate their wedding this news.

According to representatives of the family model of Kerr from Australia was very pleased. Bloom's mother also revealed that he was glad to have a Kerr-law, in an interview he said that if this beautiful model has all the right aspects to be the wife of options.

IPhone Video sexy Pamela Anderson

It's no secret if the man who idolized a lot of Pamela Anderson, especially if you can wake up anytime sexy star was accompanied by a series Baywatch. Well how come?

Calibaration have calibaration, was Playboy's Playmate of the Month (1990), this will awaken all men with Iphone alram his time in the video.

Artist's familiarly called Pam will appear tempting in bed with Agent Provocateur lingerie made in its newest product promos Wakey Wakey.

Agent Provocateur himself took the Iphone to introduce its newest product by making a video that includes sex Pamela poses in her lingerie.

Underwear company, founded by Joseph Corre (son of Viviane Westwood and former wife Serena Rees), is derived from Soho and stood at 1994.

In this video ad targeting Provocateur want the men, roused them from sleep by the sound Pamela, before finally can see the curve of his body in the clothes he wore.

Pamela is not the only stars in this video, there are still some other stars in a video that reportedly is quite provocative.

"I have always been difficult to wake him, so I can not guarantee this will work. But I like to wake everyone, so I can not deny this project", says PETA activists are enthusiastic.

Lindsay Lohan Cocaine Forced to Open Mouth Problem

Lindsay Lohan has so far had been successfully passed his parole by not consuming alcohol at all and it has been proven by laboratory tests but apparently it did not make the judge was satisfied. Reportedly, now a judge forces Lindsay to open up about cocaine use when he was arrested some time ago.

Previously, according to news published by Splash News, Lindsay Lohan refused to answer questions whether he used cocaine when he was arrested the police because it was considered life-threatening others with a reckless way of driving.

Ed McPherson, Lindsay's lawyer, had previously tried to convince a judge to delay the first question until the court decides whether Lindsay had violated his parole or not.
The lawyers had argued that his client should not be forced to answer that question but the judge apparently did not agree with Ed McPherson

Kim Kardashian dating More Soccer Players

Athletes seem to be a favorite choice of Kim Kardashian's boyfriend, especially those relating to balls. This socialite earlier this year split from her boyfriend, Reggie Bush, who is a football player. And now he gets a new boyfriend, Miles Austin, players from the football team Dallas Cowboys.

Reality TV star 29-year-old was previously said that he was not looking for love but will focus more on career. But after that expression, spread rumors that he associated with the Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

Now a source tells People magazine that this plump bodied stars dating Austin. Initially, the two met at a restaurant in LA a few months ago. They exchanged contact numbers, and began to close ever since. They did date several times and succeeded. This source said although they are now official dating, but they do so without haste.

Will Lindsay Lohan Posed Nude With Bracelet Monitor?

Wearing a bracelet alcohol monitor seems no longer a nuisance to Lindsay Lohan. The actress will even posed nude, wearing only a scram at the ankles.

This 23-year-old star will appear in ads a new bag from its label, 6126. Richard Luna, from California Bag, which permits the sale to his bag, saying that the

actress will pose naked in bed. But Luna was not able to ascertain what would be posing with Lohan wearing alcohol monitoring bracelet.

The owner of this bag label says he is considering asking for police surveillance ankle bracelet so you can remove it during a photo session. But she also did not cover the possibility of photographing actress will monitor this with the bracelet.

Madonna Home Remodeling Cost Millions of Dollars

Buying a house is not big enough for Madonna. The pop diva even add a new building in her new luxury home in Manhattan. Singer building was added on the third floor of the building for U.S. $ 32 million. The addition of this building will cost U.S. $ 1.7 million.

his renovation will also be equipped with the main bed and bathroom, make a new main hall on the third floor which also provides walk-in closet and master bath. Added also a hair salon across the hall, and a separate room to store his belongings.

In addition, the master bedroom will be built on the same floor with an additional main closet. Total of all buildings will have 10 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms.

This Georgian-style house also installed an elevator and has two car garage. There are buildings 'security living room' which combined with the bar. Madonna also built the cellar for storing wine and playing spaces for children. Building permits were filed in the city government said renovation at a cost of U.S. $ 1.7 million.

Jessica Alba Make Surprise By 'THE KILLER INSIDE ME'

I do not know why but the role of Jessica Alba in the movie THE KILLER INSIDE ME which will soon be circulated to make close friends of this star was shocked. Jessica's role this time was different from previous roles he had played. Jessica in this movie portrayed a woman tunasusila.

"My friends are perhaps the most surprised to see my role in this film. They tried to dispel that image from their minds," says Jessica Alba is quoted from Splash News. It is unclear to what extent did the role of Jessica in this movie but this movie certainly lifted from a novel that revolves around a serial killer who works as an enforcer.

Although not much information circulating about this film but Jessica Alba has certainly consider a good decision. "If I need to be separated from my baby there must be a strong reason for it. I do not want to split from the baby I just to play in the film is silly and I had to run wearing tight clothes while shooting at people for six months," explained Jessica Alba affirms that these movies do have something.

Kiss Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart Nervous

Kissing with your opponent in the movie was not always easy. It is recognized by Kristen Stewart who had to smooch with Taylor Lautner on the third series TWILIGHT SAGA: Eclipse. According to testimony, Stewart became nervous when he had kissed his friend for the first time.

In an interview in Parade magazine, Stewart says: "One of the most challenging scene may now finally have to kiss Jacob (the character played by Lautner) for the first time ... when Taylor Lautner and I kissed, felt like a different dynamic. I was very nervous , "he said.

Stewart also claimed to be entered in her role as Bella Swan because they have similar personalities. Stewart admits that he is not embarrassed to admit the figure of what it is but sometimes he also makes mistakes. He also claimed to feel good about himself because he felt admit any others. "I feel like I've succeeded if I did something that made me happy and I will not lie to anyone else.'s Why I feel good about myself today."

Kylie Minogue Want to Kiss Jolie, Johansson and Fox...

Kylie Minogue claimed to want to kiss Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson and Megan Fox if he had a surprise in a show of appreciation.

The singer / actress was interviewed by phone on the Australian radio show, Charlie and Pagey for Breakfast 2DayFM. When asked about the kiss she said:

"Oh my God, that's a trick question. No matter what I still will make me in trouble. Well, Angelina Jolie is experienced, so that helped. But all this girl is hot, Scarlett Johansson may also, Megan Fox
a beautiful girl, too. All three. "

Minogue also admitted that he was huge fan of the hit U.S. series, Glee, said the world would stop spinning if she can not watch this series on Fox TV.

Jennifer Aniston Topless going in New Film?

Jennifer Aniston will be showing off beautiful bodies. Aniston paired with Colin Farrell in a new romantic comedy Horrible Bosses. And Brad Pitt's ex-wife reportedly was topless in one scene.

41-year-old actress claims that her role in this film is different from the romantic comedy films ever starred. In this film Aniston will play a dentist who is obsessed with sex.

A source quoted by British newspaper The Sun said that if no agreement before the actress signed a contract. "There is a solution before he signed a contract, so he committed," said this source.

Kristen Stewart Assume narcissism Network Main Site

Fame always has two sides, which brings advantages and disadvantages. For Kristen Stewart fame who now gets to bring a positive value in his life. TWILIGHT SAGA star admits her life so much easier thanks to a famous person. Behind the fame, Stewart also had a different idea with most people, that most users of social networking sites, but the actress refused to use a networking site for narcissism think it shows.

In an interview with Total Film Stewart says that fame makes life much easier. With all that obtaining now he can get good projects.

Problem of social networking sites, 20-year-old star was admitted was not interested to use it. "It's too connected. They can reach out and touch you. I feel the most interesting thing to me is that I'm working on the film. More than that ... it's just narcissism entirely. You start out something - and then they began asking incessantly. There was never a point of satisfaction that you can accomplish, so why start. "

Rosie Huntington Shown Section III Coming to the Transformer

Rosie Huntington Whiteley's sexy panties promotion. This is a rumor circulating heating before filming Transformer III.

Quoting the website of The Sun, Monday (7 / 6), bold appearance replacement star in the film Transformers Megan Fox has made the virus attacked the virtual world user's sexy. Understandably, she was so sexy stunning with her black underwear in Agent Provocateur ads.

Description, she seemed very upset when his friends cancel Valentine's Day. Then, she chose to express his anger by appearing in his office wearing only underwear and a black jacket. Not only berlenggok pragawati style, he did a dance round in the office. Really, she looks sexy tease.

A source said: "We doubt it will look like this in the Transformers Rosie III."

Nevertheless, rumors circulated that the 23-year-old star became a model sexy underwear ads as early ahead of filming langah Transformer III. Understandably, virtually all robotic movie lovers will be hoping to beat the sexiness Rosie Megan Fox, who has starred in two films

Imogen Thomas Picture Vulgar

London - Imogen Thomas, who is not familiar with the model of Big Brother on this one. Large breasts, beautiful, body yahud.

Order to satisfy his fans, former boyfriend Jermaine Defoe, the show looks the most vulgar of the vulgar, when she posed naked for Zoo magazine.

Brunet-haired model who appeared seven times on Channel 4 saying, "I think, everything can happen at any time only. In fact, more vulgar, more good. "

And what proved to Imogen, show-opener to open the men's magazine Zoo, she also appeared in several poses that make him up and down the Adam's apple.

"Anyone who does not pay attention this time, may only have sex in an instant. But look at my photos, you must have the ability to control yourself, "Imogen said as quoted by The Sun.

Although appearing naked in Zoo sufficient, but Imogen reminded, is not too serious readers to observe the photos.

"You can not control what you say or what you do, when (sorry) horny-so just imagine it in front of the entire country," explained Imogen.

"You may end up with someone you regret in the morning as well. Someone who I knew from the BB still feel like a home when they were thrown from the show, "sneered Imogen

Like Kareena Kapoor appearances 'naked' in People magazine

The glamorous and stylish Kareena Kapoor decided to take off all make-up she was wearing and looks simple to the most recent issue of People magazine cover. The actress says if simplicity is the most trusted.

"Beauty lies in simplicity and naturalness, and this is what I believe. Here I am the truth. I believe in the naturalness and the cover of People giving me this opportunity," Kareena said to the reporters at the IIFA Awards.

This is the second time that Kareena appeared on the cover of People magazine. In the past two years in 2008 was also the star cover of People. But then she put on makeup. And Kareena is very happy with the appearance of 'telanjang' her this time.

"When they come to me with this concept and they said they wanted to raise the theme of 'India's most beautiful woman,' I'm very interested. It ironic when its international version up Julia Roberts on its cover," he said.

Jessica Sarah Parker get SEX AND THE CITY star 2 to 3

SEX AND THE CITY star 2, Jessica Sarah Parker, expressed his desire to re-create the movie theaters from such top series. He hopes there will be the third film of the franchise.

45-year-old Parker plays Carrie Bradshaw was there and he hoped that once the character will remain alive.

"I hope that Carrie will continue to live. He will continue to exist, even when the movie was over," he told UsMagazine.com.

SEX AND THE CITY 2 recently released in the U.S. but there is still ranked third in the box office in the early weeks of impressions. AFTER FOREVER Shrek and Prince of Persia is above them.

"I feel lucky we can tell many stories about the characters of this fun," he added

Info About Video Porno Luna maya dan Ariel peterpan

video nasty peterpan ariel luna maya and now outstanding, between aryl peterpan porn video luna maya and is now more widely circulated on the internet, it is very surprising at all because as we all know that they always appear normal outside but inside the well until the record action also perterpan and bawdy sex ariel luna maya, and very hot at all like the video show Kamasutra.

Peterpan a splashy news that happened some time ago, via twitter news about the circulation of sex scenes videos that are similar to those antra luna maya and ariel piterpan was first blows, until now and ariel luna blm party can turn to for confirmation about the circulation of the bed scenes videos
they both are, frankly I've not seen the video, because it is still looking for splashy news, because it has not found a link porn video free download luna maya and ariel, or video-like luna and ariel peterpan areil these

Video in two editions, each a duration of 1.4 minutes and 6.5 minutes. The video allegedly taken by cell phone with mp4 format data. Second man whose face was clear it looked alternately holding the camera to record the scene. Even a butterfly tattoo on her left buttocks like Luna Maya was very clearly visible.

In the second video looks like human sex couples with a variety of positions. Occasionally there was a conversation that did not clear him. In addition to its recording quality is minimal, also because the sound hit television broadcasting. Video is seen have the edits, because the pieces.

The scene is in bed with a white mattress. In the video, the couple painted like Ariel and Luna was inside a room.

In the video, lean women who have special characteristics. He has a tattoo on her left hip and was wearing a white bracelet on his right arm. Tattoos are visible in the beginning to the end of the video was played.
When news of this writing, the two videos was deleted by the manager of Facebook. But porn video files are already scattered in different sites to download service providers are ready for use

Porno Video luna maya and the merukan arie one make splashy news this morning,

Well how do you think, I am sure you ought to suspect that the possibility of 'Porn Video Luna Maya and Ariel' was indeed Luna Maya and Ariel, Last said a friend who also told me that the voice on the video nasty of their sigh is also very identical.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Happy with alone

Not everyone thinks it makes bete Singles. One who thought it was a happy single is Jennifer Love Hewitt. Hollywood actress admits that her love life even though he's happy enough menjomblo.

in an interview the actress said: "O My love life myself, and I'm very happy with this. I've often singles, as you know, and I'm happy to do this."

Love broke up with his girlfriend, comedian Jamie Kennedy in March. He had gossiped with some famous names like Carson Daly and John Mayer. Ghost Whisperer star is currently working on a self-help book "The Day I Shot Cupid.

News about video porno Luna Maya and Ariel Paterpan

Actress and presenter Luna Maya became the subject of the world's hottest entertainment today. This is related to the circulation of pornographic videos in cyberspace. The video will be played two people who resemble him and his girlfriend, singer Nazril Irham aka Ariel.

The video images were dominated by women who face similar Luna. While men like Ariel appears
only occasionally. If viewed carefully, it looks like a picture taken using camera handphone. The video began circulating on Thursday night (3 / 6) via Twitter posts, then dispersed in different Facebook account.

Yesterday morning (4 / 6), Luna said that women in the porn video is not him

Create Cameron Diaz Sex Younger

For women aged 37 years, Cameron Diaz deserves the youthful appearance when seen still captivating. This sexy star admitted to having a secret related to keeping young looking, by sex.

In an interview with British Vogue, Diaz revealed his secret. "Cranes ageless water, let's see. I think it thanks to exercise, healthy diet, drink plenty of water, lots of laughs, lots of sex, we need that as human beings. It's healthful, naturally, that's what we're doing here," he said.

Diaz was recently rumored to have relationships with U.S. basketball player, Alex Rodriguez. He also had a relationship for four years with famous singer Justin Timberlake. But Diaz is enjoying her condition without wanting to look younger than her age.

Kim Kardashian seems kind of girl desperate

Kim Kardashian seems kind of girl desperate. This socialite mindlessly follow her sister, Khloe Kardashian and her husband Lamar Odom honeymoon. Kim did not hesitate to offer themselves to go to a European honeymoon.

Khloe and Odom got married September of last year. But because of the busy schedule of matches postponed their honeymoon. And now they plan to honeymoon in Europe. Of course, Kim did not want to miss.

In an interview, Kim admitted that she asked her sister was invited. "I like to invite myself go on their honeymoon. They will travel to Europe and I said, 'Can I join you?" And Khloe said, 'Yes. " But now I feel a bit uncomfortable because it's their honeymoon, "he said.