Kelly Osbourne

Fell off my chair is embarrassing. Especially if you have seen a lot of people now waiting to be called an audition. Unfortunately that's what happened to Kelly Osbourne when she auditioned for a movie. Kelly should be Justify Fullembarrassing but remained confident that he wanted to pass this audition.

In a column he filled in Closer magazine, Kelly had written when he was a movie audition. "Last week I auditioned for a role in the movie - I can not say what its title - and I've just got word that I got through to the next round!" Kelly writes, as quoted from Splash News.

Speaking of auditions, Kelly had had a nervous too and said, "it was pretty scary Auditions - A new entry has a lot of people have gathered and they all chase the same role. Very competitive and explore everybody."

And that's when it was embarrassing incident occurred. "Then something really embarrassing happened - I was sitting in a chair in the waiting room and for whatever reason, the chair upside down and it fell to the floor. It's embarrassing!" Kelly said later.

Sandra Bullock now he got an award at SAG Awards event

This year seems lucky year for Sandra Bullock, after successfully bringing home the trophy at the Golden Globes event, now he got an award at SAG Awards event. In his speech, Bullock thanked her for her husband, Jesse James which he called "very hot."

THE BLIND SIDE Stars won Outstanding Actress trophy at the SAG Awards, Saturday (23 / 1). In his speech, Bullock praised her husband, the night was cool suit. "My husband, he works hard every day, and then you dress in suits and sitting at a table with people you never knew. I leave you there and email you back like Morgan Freeman! I do not know how you do. I love you so much and you are very hot. I really want you, "Bullock said in his speech.

Bullock made the Hollywood shocked when he was married to James, the tattooed and looking thugs four years ago. Bullock joined the fight to support her husband custody of her former lover, porn star Janine Lindemulder.

Miranda Kerr showed the body beautiful

Miranda Kerr showed the body beautiful with posing naked in GQ magazine. Orlando Bloom Lover is posing in this magazine as part of the edition of the fashion shots.

Underwear model Victoria's Secret is posing naughty for the February edition. Kerr, who was familiar with the sexy pictures in her underwear, claiming in an interview a busy life as a supermodel could not make him feel lonely, even though he was only accompanied by his dog.

As quoted by Splash News, this model from Australia says: "I was lucky. I love my time alone."


Vierra is scheduled to appear first in the city of Medan, where the chanter hits this Lepas will greet Ballerina Mania, called for the fans Vierra, who was in Medan. Vierra is scheduled to appear on the upcoming January 23 at Hotel Tiara, Medan, North Sumatra.

Schedule presence Aprilio Kevin (piano, keyboards), Widy Soediro Nichlany (vocals), Raka Cyril Damar (guitar), and Satryanda Windjanarko (drums) was justified by Coni Oktami, as Secretary to the KapanLagi.com event on Wednesday (20 / 1) .

"Presence of a Ballerina in Medan is the first time as a form of entertainment to the fans Vierra, especially the fans who joined in Ballerina Ballerina Mania," said Coni.

Coni proceed, step Ballerina presence is also not just for entertainment as a step, but also introduces an event organizer.

"Vierra was completely handled by Liquid Entertainment, so in addition to entertaining show we also introduced the event organizer," said Coni.

Mentioned about the target audience, Coni said it targets an audience in 1000, where the current range of tickets have been sold 50-60% of the expected target.

"To target the exact audience we were targeting the junior high to high school students only, but it all depends on pengemarnya also. Where are tickets sold ranged from 100 thousand to 200 thousand," said Coni.

For information, the formation originated from the introduction Ballerina in cyberspace, ie Friendster, and in November 2008 formally established the band decided Ballerina.

Vierra itself brings the power of pop with a touch of Disney-style music. Vierra slapped with a debut album, FIRST LOVE, with the first single Lepas. With a cheerful Widy vocals and typical teenager, Vierra able to give a different nuance in the music blantika Indonesia.

Everything can not be separated from Kevin's previous role of first known, other than as the son of a musician couple Addie MS and Memes, he also played in several television movie.

Sandra Bullock Golden Globes

Golden Globes were not for Oscar awards in the world but this film is often regarded as the benchmark stock Oscars. Naturally, if Sandra Bullock got shocked when his name mentioned as the best actress category for comedy or musical film.

"I just wanted to hurry home and tell this to my family. I really do not know what happened, at all. I felt 'blank'," said Sandra Bullock is quoted from Splash News. Sandra night competing with Emily Blunt, Helen Mirren, Carey Mulligan, Gabourey Sidibe to fight the best actress category title comedy or musical film.

What is certain is THE BLIND SIDE luck Sandra Bullock movie. Until now, this film has led to three trophies for her, Best Actress of Movie Critics Choice Awards, Favorite Movie Actress of the People's Choice Award, and Best Actress from the Golden Globes. Problem sales, this movie does not disappoint because of the initial capital of U.S. $ 29 million film has been produced as much as U.S. $ 227 million more.

Golden Globes for Chloë Sevigny

The Festival awards the Golden Globes this year is actually a special day for Chloë Sevigny for the first time this year she was awarded the Golden Globes. Unfortunately a series of 'discomfort' that happened to make Massachusetts actress is feeling very 'disturbed'

Initially, according to Splash News, Chloe dress wet because there are no officers who protect it from rain and attack this actress had complained about the inconvenience. Unfortunately, the first problem is actually spread and cause the day was Unlucky for her that had brought the trophy for the Golden Globes for supporting actor actress in television series.

The second problem arises when Chloë Sevigny's name appeared on the screen but with the writing Chloi Sevigny. Chloe is trying to remain patient still had to face 'severe test' again. When he Stepped onto the stage, one presenter accidentally Stepped on her dress. No doubt, this design Valentino gown was torn. "I really do not believe you just tore my dress," she complained.

Mariah Carey the star

Mariah Carey admitted that not only musical talents. The singer is also adept at acting, even calling himself a comedian from the heart. 39-year-old star is indeed best known for her music career, but recently also received an award in his role in the movie PRECIOUS.

As quoted by Splash News, the star says, "Actually I was a true comedian. People think I'm standing there and singing Hero on stage, like 'laaa!" No, it's not just what I did. "

Carey is married to Nick Cannon (29), admitted surprise when he was married twice. "I do not believe has been married twice - my Lord! Even the priest told me, 'You must be sure to do this and do my best!"

Madonna fans get concert will be released on DVD and Blu-ray.

There's good news for Madonna fans who did not get a long concert Sticky & Sweet which was held between August 2008 until September 2009 then. Results documentation concert will be released on DVD and Blu-ray.

Remove all the documentation was not possible and Live Nation as a concert organizer chose Buenos Aires as the location of the concert will be released on DVD and Blu-ray this. From the four days of concerts, Live Nation will only take 25 songs, including Madonna hosted singles mainstay as Candy Shop and the old song La Isla Bonita.

Concert in Buenos Aires itself is considered one of concerts of the most successful Madonna for Sticky & Sweet tour. According to Splash News, in a Madonna concert four days to appear before the estimated 3.5 million fans. This long tour itself could severely tested when the stage collapsed Madonna and resulting in the death of two construction workers.

Kelly Osbourne still feel uncomfortable

Although there is nothing wrong with her body, Kelly Osbourne still feel uncomfortable when photographed wearing a bikini. However, because did not have much choice, Kelly was forced to surrender to the paparazzi who tried to take pictures Kelly while on vacation in Hawaii.

"Although my body is still in good condition since participated in Dancing With The Star, I still feel uncomfortable at times being photographed wearing a bathing suit," explained Kelly, who spent Christmas vacation in Hawaii this year with Luke Worall, her lover.

Kelly actually wanted to raise the weight again but it seems to effect the practice when preparing for Dancing With The Star is not lost. "Actually I hope I've put on weight again after the show but even I am losing weight on. Maybe my metabolism is now added quickly," continued Kelly as reported by Splash News.

Before leaving on vacation in Hawaii, Kelly had said that he felt the weight left at home because her family life she always celebrated Christmas with his family.

Interesting experience for Victoria Beckham

Being one of the judges of American Idol actually brought an interesting experience for Victoria Beckham. Former Spice Girls personnel finally realized that he could not keep up Simon Cowell did not hesitate to slaughter the contestants if they did not deserve.

"I was really nervous. I do not want to kill anyone hope. I was among those who think positively. I can always find a way to praise people. Even if they are truly useless they might be wearing good shoes," Victoria said, as quoted by Splash News.

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Although Simon Cowell never said directly to Victoria, David Beckham's wife was aware that Simon must have found it too 'good' for the jury. "I think Simon must have thought I was too 'good'. In fact, without my assessment that people would know if he was not good enough. I do not need to add a bad situation," said Victoria later.

Charlize Theron

Feel comfortable as Stella in the movie starring THE ITALIAN JOB, Charlize Theron as addictive. Even he was not shy to express his ambition to be involved again in the remake of 2003 film also starring Mark Wahlberg and Donald Sutherland is.

From the rumor that circulated in Hollywood, get out that there will be a sequel to a movie which shows the cars are cool. However, Theron not sure about that information. To be sure, he hopes to play in it.

Talking about the news that a sequel, she tells the Daily Mirror newspaper English edition, "I still do not know. I hope the hell is happening in the near future."

"They're trying to prepare the script for 8 years and I hope to follow-up star. But I do not really know what the process is like. Yes, if it becomes reality, they already know is what do I want, pengen follow-up to play anymore," he continued cited News Splash.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson has reportedly broken up with her new boyfriend, Jamie Justify FullPadgett. Star sexy 42-year-old who recently took part in the pantomime Aladdin was met with Padgett in a trailer park in Malibu where they live.

They both eventually fell in love and dating. However, recent news indicate if they are no longer connected. Anderson and Padgett spent time in the festival's trailer on their own.

A source told RadarOnline.com as quoted by Splash News, "Pam made it clear if he was no longer going out with Jamie and he's looking for a new lover. He does not reveal bad things about Jamie. Pam even mention if she is very sweet man and he hoped they could still be friends. "

Meanwhile, a site that asks Americans to Padgett and he replied, "I do not go to London with Pam during the holidays because I'm busy myself. Whatever he wants to say we were going out or not. I'm sure I'll meet him when I did meet him . "

Paris Hilton get married

Establish the love with Doug Reinhardt during the past year was to make Paris Hilton feel happy. Even now she says is ready to get married and this important event could happen in this 2010 year.

"We have been together for a year and never spent a night apart. He really became my best friend. He made me feel like a princess every day," said Paris Hilton is quoted from Splash News.

"We could get married in the year 2010 was. Seeing how beautiful all that happened between us, I believe that the future we will be happy," she said confidently.

Paris Hilton himself began a relationship with Doug since February 2009 but had dropped out in June the same year even though two months later the couple back together. Some time earlier, Paris Hilton also had a chance to make a statement that Doug Reinhardt is the man who later would become her husband.

Sandra Bullock in Year 2009

Year 2009 and could be the best year in terms of Sandra Bullock achievement. The proof, in this year, Sandra managed to carve his name as the first actress who could make a movie that he starred through sales of more than U.S. $ 200 million, melibas senior actresses with different numbers far enough.

According to Splash News, via film, entitled THE BLIND SIDE, Sandra Bullock managed to collect money of U.S. $ 208.5 million from ticket sales. This figure is far above the achievement of Meryl Streep who only managed to reach U.S. $ 124.7 million through the film The Devil Wears Prada.

It is said that this figure also exceeds that achieved actresses other top Hollywood like Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, and Reese Witherspoon. So far, Warner Bros. comments. is that this figure is not final numbers.

"We're not finished. I believe if THE BLIND SIDE still have about U.S. $ 30 million more," said Dan Fellman, President of Domestic Distribution of Warner Bros..

Artis Gita Gutawa

The main reason the artist Regine Velasquez to play the role of art through film LOVE IN PERTH, is to try out something new. Because of all this, the daughter of Erwin Gutawa, better known as a singer, than others.

"Because I want to try something new course. Incidentally come aja opportunity," said Gita when found in RCTI Studio, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Tuesday (5 / 1).

Many of the actual bid came to him, invited to play the movie, but somehow the decision ultimately chose this movie. That was after a number of bids rejected movies.

"Actually, before-before many offers for movies. But do not know why this movie I was happy with the plot and characters fit together really me. And maybe also because shooting in Perth, playing with Derby, too," he explained.

Hence, girls born in Jakarta, August 11, 1993 it declined to say moral hazard. Because if you want from the beginning, she accepted an offer to play the movie.

"Moral hazard, and should find the experience dibedain. Here I was looking for experience and something new," he concluded.

Ayu Oktasari

Hot photos of Ayu Oktasari indeed been widely circulated on the Internet, including forums KapanLagi.com, but also strong rumors if it's done purely for the sake of boosting ratings TAKE ME OUT event presented by Indosiar. In response, the Indosiar firmly rejected.

"There is no news, and if it's true I'm sorry, we do not know who is spreading," said Gufron, PR Indosiar told reporters in Jakarta, Monday (4 / 1) afternoon.

"We must carefully first and must learn first, we must look to the future like what," he added later.

Meanwhile, back Gufron explained, if it really be careful in dealing with cases of Ayu. He even explains details of the audition participants TAKE ME OUT.

"We can not say much, everything in TAKE ME OUT through the audition process and a lot of questions for them, because we do not want to take from any person," he said seriously