Natalie Portman dream to become a queen

Natalie Portman dream to become a queen finally come true. At least in the 'empire' itself after he bought a castle in the plush residential area in Los Angeles.

After paying U.S. $ 3 million for his new property, Natalie became the owner of the house which was formed like a castle, which contains four bedrooms and two guest houses.

Real estate tycoon Richard Stanley reveals to In Touch magazine, "Natalie wanted to have the property in accordance with the character and also his dreams, something really special. This house is so perfect for him ... the most prominent house of his neighbor."

According to Contactmusic reports, its neighbors are also not random. Because the house was located near the home of the legendary Hollywood such as Cecil B DeMille, WC Fields, Charlie Chaplin, and Carole Lombard.