Heidi Klum Google Images

Heidi Klum Google ImagesThis German supermodel was photographed with no clothes back by the photographer Rankin for a book titled HEIDILICIOUS. This is not the first time Heidi Klum worked with Rankin and comments for the photographer is only one. "He was always able to make my clothes off."

"It's very naughty," he commented when interviewed briefly LA Confidential. This HEIDILICIOUS reportedly will be released in October next month but so far not clear how the image will Heidi contained in this unique book.

Problem work with Rankin, Heidi says that they've worked together long enough and therefore claimed Heidi comfortable working with this photographer. "I've worked with Rankin for seven years and I think working together is very exciting photographers because he can always make me look different," Heidi said as quoted by OMG