HOLLYWOOD Julia Roberts smile Paid $ 1.5 Million

Actress Julia Roberts has strengthened its status as one of the most expensive Hollywood star. Because the actress is being paid $ 1.5 million for an ad copy that 'shows' her smile.

In this Lavazza coffee ad, the PRETTY WOMAN star acts as a character artist Sandro Boticelli essay Venus, the goddess of painters who stubbornly refusing to give that famous smile, until he was given a cup of coffee Lavazza A Miodo Mio.

Ads luxury that does not even require Roberts to speak will be released in Italy around Christmas. Julia alone is not the only artist who became a star coffee ad. Earlier, George Clooney also had to do the same for Nespresso.

Earlier this year, Roberts himself had paid $ 20 million for his role as the newest face for a giant cosmetics company, Lancome