HOLLYWOOD Lindsay Lohan Offered So Porn Site Marketing

Later, Lindsay Lohan is being overwhelmed with problems, but at the same time, this young actress also ketiban lot of sustenance. Some bids reportedly already approached Lindsay. After being offered MAP, is now a porn site is also interested in recruiting Lindsay Lohan to be their marketing consultant. I do not know where that would be acceptable job Lindsay.

According to Splash News, Lindsay Lohan had to spend as much as 95 thousand pound sterling for the costs of rehabilitation at the Betty Ford Clinic. With the swelling of these costs then maybe Lindsay did have to receive one of these offers. If PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) had offered to pay 6,500 pounds, a porn site this unnamed even offer as many as 30 thousand pounds.

Could be an idea to invite Lindsay Lohan as a consultant to join this marketing plan begins filming INFERNO who reportedly going to put Lindsay Lohan to play Linda Lovelace, the legendary porn star. Despite the continuation of this project is still the question mark but it could be the image Linda Lovelace was already attached to the self-Lindsay Lohan.

HOLLYWOOD Lady Gaga Appear in Video About Sexual Abuse

Who would have thought before now as famous as a phenomenal singer Lady GaGa never appeared in a video sex advice. The singer who has starred in the original name of Stefani Germanotta an educational video as a teenager.

In this video clip, she plays a schoolgirl who became victims of unwanted sexual attention at the hands of a male student. GAGA can be seen the middle of berating him after he tried to reach them.

Video is titled Real People: Sexual Harrasment-What You Can Do is intended to educate teens about sexual harassment. It is not clear what age when GAGA appears in this video. At this age song singer Alejandro was stepping 24 years.

New Video 'Hoot' SNSD Vs James (Choi Siwon) Bond!

The expectation of the launch of new video clip SNSD finally ended as well. Nine beautiful girls managed to make fans crazy guy with the concept in their new album.

But this time not only the guy who spoiled fans. Fans have reason for girls 'infatuated' with the presence of special guest in this video. SNSD In their new video featuring special guest star Choi Siwon as a testimonial.

Siwon style a la James Bond is chasing a fugitive. With all-black suit embellished counterpoint a la James Bond, Siwon looked perplexed to find the fugitive.

Apparently SNSD ready to print a hit again. No I Need to linger please check the new video clip Hoot SNSD.

klip Hoot SNSD.

Kim Kardashian Got 3 Million Friends on Facebook

Proved that Kim Kardashian is one of the most popular celebrities today. Just imagine, in your account up for her, Kim has more than three million friends. No wonder if he had thanked his fans via Twitter some time ago.

"I just realized that I had just passed the amount of three million friends on Facebook! Wow!" Kim Kardashian writes that it was surprised. Looks like this year is a good year for Kim Kardashian. This year Armenia is famous bloody even thirty years old and some even had plans to make a birthday cake for U.S. $ 1 million for Kim.

"I just Want to thank you all because it was 'likes' me and have a lot of support and you all did great! I love you all," continued Kim Kardashian as quoted from Splash News. Proof again that Lady Luck was accompanied Kim this year is the start of filming Kourtney KIM AND TAKE NEW YORK, which requires that Kim and Kourtney Kardashian moved temporarily to New York.

Naomi Campbell Find Peace in Kabbalah

Lately, Naomi Campbell is being overwhelmed with problems. His name had been linked with a diamond problems from a former president of Liberia, while some other rumors also seem less friendly in this British supermodel. Perhaps because it also Naomi then tries to pursue this belief Kabbalah and reportedly has given him peace of mind.

"All we can change is ourselves and the energy of what we want to enter into us. That's what we can change. I studied Kabbalah because it has brought me to a place that feels peaceful and positive," said Naomi Campbell, as quoted from Splash News. Actually, Naomi relations with the Jewish religion is not a new story. He was familiar with Kabbalah since about 10 years ago.

"I was in and out of Kabbalah since 2000. I'm not too serious until recently. I also began to perform the ritual. I do not know whether my pronunciation is correct but I will keep trying," said Naomi Campbell. Naomi probably not the only celebrities who follow the teachings of Kabbalah. Madonna also has long become Kabbalists. (SPL / rock)
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