Tato Artis Marsha Timothy

Tato Marsha took the form of two small cherry tree flowers and two sheaths of the cherry tree flower that were freed.

Admitted the most beautiful part was by the Jakarta birth woman, this January 8 1979, foot the underside, from heels to the palm. He acknowledged again, he did not know why this part that he thought like that. "Possibly because his measurement was small then," said the user of the numbered footwear 37 this in the office Kompas Entertainment, on Monday (20/10). In this part, to be precise on the outside back foot right him, settled tato permanent since last year. One day, last year, Marsha went for a walk to Bandung with his friends. His wish to have tato permanent on the back foot right him aimed his step to juru tato Ken Ken in the region Batu.

"I liked the flower." Therefore was chosen by me tato this. Said that made tato this the cherry tree flower, he said the matter of his choice. Marsha hoped, tato that was tato first and last. "As the woman, I was enough to have one tato then." Moreover if tato on the hands, the back, enggak deh, he said still was justified.