Artis Ariel Paterpan

yesterday i saw conser music ariel paterpan in global tv chanel, If having the list of the man's musician who most was liked his idol at this time, the name of Ariel Peterpan must enter the list. When appearing in front of the public when attending celebration of the Global Birthday of the TV in the Senayan Swimming Pool, Southern Jakarta, last night (on Wednesday, 29/10), Ariel at once was surrounded by his lover.

The ink labourers then did not want to lose. Finally mutually kerubut between fans and the reporter was increasingly chaotic. from kapanlagi.com

Still continued to be curious, the reporter continued to pursue him. Unfortunately, Ariel that was busy heeding his request of the lover's signature at once went without explaining further the matter of his car. The security side that was contacted KapanLagi.com then supported Ariel's information. "OK how come, earlier was very safe then." Earlier not had anything. For example the windscreen broke definitely him he will complain, he explained.