Artis Ratu Felisha Get Married in this year

The artist Queen Felisha planned to marry in December this year. According to him, his preparations already 99 percent, was kept being waiting the happy day arrived. Nevertheless, this marriage could suddenly failed if having the reporter's camera or infotainment. According to him, his prospective spouse really antikamera.

He did not want the data himself and his face were published by the media. "Indeed, he not wanted appeared the camera, frightened," he said after press screening the Cintaku Selamanya film in the Planet Hollywood 21 yesterday then laughed. Feli -the close greeting of Queen Felisha- already diwanti-wanti his prospective spouse since a long time ago. Moreover, up until yesterday, Feli reluctantly stated the name of his ideal man.

The player of the Fugitive's film kissed Gue stressed that his marriage will in the future be closed. "The reason is, he not wanted to be published and he needed privation." Because, according to him, the marriage was sacred, explained the woman born in October 16 1982 this.