Indra Bekti Don't Like Dugem

The world of the artist was often identified with the Jakarta nightlife that gemerlap. However for Indra Bekti, the world gemerlap not the world that was wanted by him. Tired with a store of activity, Bekti claimed ogah the nightlife if not having the clear reason. "’Kalau I took part in the nightlife must have his reason."

The work or the invitation that could not was refused by me, he said when being met KapanLagi.com after syuting CERIWIS in Trans TV. Bekti did not reject that needing the socialisation in the world of the celebrity. However, the number of activities made the occurring man the year every time this December 28 more often refused the nightlife invitation.

The affected memory of the previous month smallpox, for Bekti was the warning from Allah. "At that time indeed my work many, and I not attention was the same the body." Like that had the source of the illness, yes the body immediately be hit by, he explained. Rest time for 10 days at that time, was regarded as the bonus. "Used by me to enjoy facilities that were bought by me from results" of "my exertion," kenang him while smiling.