Happy Salma See Sheila Marcia

The artist Happy Salma visited Sheila Marcia that was jailed because nyabu. According to Happy necessarily Sheila was not treated like resistance. "If true he the user, that meant him will be sick." The person was sick must diterapi in rehabilitation not here, he explained ended visited Sheila in the female prison District Police Jakarta Utara, on Sunday (17/8/2008). The film star the 'Hantu Aborsi Ghost' believed Sheila only a victim. As casualties, he not necessarily was imprisoned. "Sheila only a victim, will have the port, the distributor et cetera," he accused. Happy saw the sweetheart Roger Danuarta was strong enough to undergo the punishment. The film star the 'Hantu Manggarai Carriage did' not' whine although being imprisoned.