Artis Tora Sudiro

The Tanto Sudiro comment, that also the actor's father Tora Sudiro in the media, invited the irritated feeling for the film star QUICKIE EXPRESS. Through the statement that was sent in front of his house, on Tuesday night 14/10.

Tora visible was disappointed with statement that was let loose by the father. The "cave also knew, my father hated the camera also," he revealed half of the angry. Beforehand infotainment put forward the father's informant Tora, that mentioned his child's household was full of the problem.

From Tanto also was received by information if his child no longer was harmonious with Angie, the wife of the legality. Nevertheless Tora was not prepared to give his confirmation clearly. He several times only gave the answer at random and the trend was carried emotions. "Ask him later if being finished," replied the CINLOK star was evasive. In the opportunity also, the 'news hunters' admitted to being made in disappointed with the Tora action that uring-uringan and arrogant. Moreover a most reporter could be pushed and received the curse from the Extravaganza star.