Artist Luna Maya inspired the Interest grew the Child's Flower

Only was not pretty, but Luna Maya also had a social heart. His proof of Luna now becomes the ambassador UNWFP (United Nation World Food Program). This program personally co-operated with Blue Band held the agenda have the theme inspired Kepedulian Tumbuh-Kembangkan Anak became Hebat in Grand Melia Hotel on Tuesday early afternoon (14/10) earlier.

"There were several areas where age children" of the "malnutrition school so as the absorbency" of the "lesson not all that and not the concentration," said Luna that was gossiped about close to Onci Ungu this. Asked about the area that was visited by him as this program ambassador, Luna said that the area was not very far from his environment.

Now how the country wanted to go up with the clever nation if asupan the nutrient still not all that, she said.