History Andi Soraya learned from Sheila Marcia

Andi Soraya learned from Sheila Marcia

The arrest of the young artist Sheila Marcia during nyabu evidently was the lesson for Andi Soraya. What was studied by Andi from Sheila? "Saw Sheila like that, so the lesson for us, more must be on the alert gimana and with who we socialised," said Andi was met after visiting Sheila in female resistance District Police Jakarta Utara, on Sunday (17/8/2008). Just because Sheila was arrested during nyabu with several of his friends, Andi is currently careful in choosing the friend. He was frightened the friend gaul him precisely carried him to illegal drugs. "If being seen by me my friend with tolerable I went first." Do not be trapped, said the film star 'Anda Puas Saya Loyo'. The life of the celebrity was acknowledged by Andi really quite was susceptible to illegal drugs. However as the mother from his two children sebisa possibly moved further away from the object that caused the addiction. "I will have the child, as my parents must give the example," stated the former friend of the life of this Steve Emmanuel.