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Nadia Budi Ana, was like this his complete name, but this former small singer was more famous by the name of Dhea Ana. The daughter of the couple RM Bambang Budi and BDM Novida this was known as the singer since the age of the age of children. Where himself with Affandy and Leony formed the group of the child the Kwak Kwek Trio. The Jakarta - Indonesia birth woman, May 26 1986 that with his group had released the song like Rame rame (1993), Semua Oke (1994), Janga Marah (1995), Tanteku (1996), Tari Samba (the Samba Dance) (1997), Katanya (1998), Bus Sekolah (2001). Apart from also had released the solo album, like 16 lilin (candles), Lebaran, 25 Nabi (prophets), who were popular with his song Surga di Telapak Kaki Ibu, Lagu Aku, Kau dan Dia, et cetera. Together with the development himself, Dhea that also had become the presenter for the Plus TPI Clip program (1996) and Be-Te (1999) that, afterwards spread the wings by starring in several films. His famous film covered Lupus Millenia, Cerita Cinta, Malam Pertama, Djail, Kisah Sediah Di Hari Minggu, Sumpah, Gue Sayang Loe and Anak Haram. Bahkan in 2007, Dhe also starred in the wide screen film, Hantu (the GHOST) (2007).