Rihanna, Show in Indonesia on November 14

Finally.. diva that in wait for uptil now by his lovers in Indonesia came also, after waiting that for quite a long time Rihanna will come to satisfy the thirst fans him especially in Jakarta. In the series of his Asian tour this time that was featuring was the same as his album that is Good Girl Gone Bad, pelantun this "Umberella" song will it was confirmed visit Indonesia especially Jakarta in Rihanna Live In Concert this coming November 14 2008 in Istora Senayan. With the competent SHOWMASTER LIVE champion of the same class, Rihanna that was the next diva in the world this immediately will spoil the lovers for approximately 90 minutes with various special performances definitely him because almost all supporting equipment also at once was flown to support this agenda eventually.

"To stage the stage and the supporting decoration" of the "Rihanna concert other like the lighting, the elevator etc., 80 percent came from the Rihanna side that will want to make his concert successful in Jakarta later." Revealed Willy Hidayat as the champion Show this Live master in the afternoon in his press conference in Coffee Club Plaza Senayan Jakarta.

Concerning the price of the ticket, the organising side or Showmaster Live as the champion defined the price in accordance with his class was their respective that is, Rp.2.500.00 for the VIP class, Rp.2.000.000 for the Stand class, Rp.1.250.00 for the A Festival class and Rp.750.000 for the B Festival. Only an additional information, if in the Rihanna concert later was not opening the band right, the alias only diva then that the concert in one stage! So in other words, you-you all must be guaranteed will be satisfied to see your favourite singer sang-song the idol like Umberella, Shut Up, Drive & Do the note stopped The Music as well as Take A Bow that to no.1 in the Billboard ladder great 100 that remained for 52 weeks.