Oncy from Ungu Band

In this time i read news artist about Oncy was recorded gathered together Purple since 2003 then. In his age was 27th that fell in October 2 that, the owner's man of the complete Arlonsy Miraldi name admitted to being satisfied with the career that was gained at this time. "Yes his name the person, but definitely not was satisfied him." But for the moment I has felt quite satisfied to have with Purple friends a career, said Oncy. In this Oncy birthday, there were no celebration specially. However was revealed if his vocalist in Purple, Pasha became the first person who gave congratulations. "Yes first, he the Pasha." Continued the date pass 2 yesterday, would still the atmosphere of lebaran, therefore the family still in ngumpul all, said the man who beforehand had been made an issue of close to Kiki Amalia The turn was asked by the Luna Maya matter that later also close to himself, Oncy while half ran said, "Not had celebration". He with Luna only was limited by the close friend. Oncy insisting that his condition at this time be good-be good although middle. GoodLuck Ngejomblo yup.