Inul Daratista Go To Malaysia

Inul Drill Again in Malaysia
After recently twice failed to perform the concert, Inul drilled ngebor again in Malaysia. This time he entertained thousands of Indonesian citizens who joined the BIRTHDAY ceremony of Kemerdekan Indonesia the 63 in Wisma Duta KBRI. According to RI Ambassador to Malaysia, Dai Bachtiar, Inul's presence was to fill yearning for the Indonesian citizen against his idol artist. "Must be seen, that the artist that wanted was the Indonesian citizen, because of wanting to watch him." We gave the opportunity they to watch his idol. His condition was orderly, said Dai after the RI BIRTHDAY warning to 63 in Wisma Duta KBRI, Street U Than, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Sunday (17/8/2008) Dai claimed, Inul was invited only only to fill up entertainment in the RI. BIRTHDAY did not have his connection with the policy of the Malaysian government that forbade the East Java artist to appear in Johor and Kuala Lumpur beforehand.
Moreover according to him, Inul was present entertained in the territory ekstrateritorial RI in Kuala Lumpur. "This indeed our territory." Wherever appearing continued to become the idol. That was most important, if watched must be orderly, he exclaimed. "And I did not want to influence the policy that has been dismissed by the Malaysian Government." Because of this we really honored this policy, more former Chief Police of Republic of Indonesia this. Inul's electoral reason for filling up entertainment in Wisma Duta, Dai said, beforehand the KBRI side tried to invite as for the rest. "But other artists busy." Only Inul that could, he said. Although cooing in Wisma Duta, Inul continues to appear like usually. Thousands of WNI that most manpower was fluctuating followed the rhythm of the owner's unsteady song drilled that.