Victoria Beckham will be replace position Paula Abdul as a judge from American Idol

Paula Abdul decision to retreat from its position as a judge from American Idol was the Fox television network to make a loss. Some known was referred to as the alternate for Paula, but when this new Fox to call them instead of just temporarily. One name that is referred to Victoria Beckham.

On this issue, Victoria's own claim because he is very happy, and David, her husband, is much talent search this event. "When I contacted, I almost never trust them. I feel like get a job for life answer me," Victoria said as quoted from ContactMusic.

Victoria is also aware that he will be working with Simon Cowell's famous and have a sharp tongue, it seems Victoria is not a matter of objection. "One thing I like of him (Simon) that he is honest. I think he is a funny man," commented Victoria. But he also confessed regret pullout singer Paula Abdul because this one is one of the favorite Victoria.

Other name which is also called as a replacement while Paula Abdul is Katy Perry. Paula Abdul has news own bids from the other television, So You Think You Can Dance, even though Paula has not been taking their own decisions.

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