Lady gaga is Hermaprodit ...??

May be incompetent, but some time ago that was circulating gossip that Lady gaga has two genitals. Rumor is this was a video of the show seems to have Lady gaga male genitals. Some of the photos when he was put on bikini seems that strengthen the allegations.

A 1.5 minute video be uploaded in YouTube The comments that filled Lady gaga suggests that indeed it has, as alleged by sending this video. Some indeed had doubts even though this conclusion is also not rare that even the incompetent to make a comment that can not be correct. One comment said that he is a friend Lady gaga and confirm allegations that the Lady gaga ganda in pairs, though of course it did not prove anything.

E! Online also had other evidence in form submit photos Lady gaga when wear seems minimal and the women who have the original name Joanne Stefani Angelina Germanotta have penis. Some of the comments that had removed Lady gaga also confirm that he was a bisexual even though it does not mean that he has sex ganda. A clear, spokesperson Lady gaga own opportunity to remove the explicit statement that the rumor is absolutely incompetent and do not enter. DOWNLOAD YouTube