Dewi Persik Predicate 'rocking saw' it seems quite feasible

One of the performers who participate in events enliven Night Anugerah Kotaku Hijau Sampoerna Hijau Green Hotel Mercure Ancol, North Jakarta, Saturday (1 / 7) is the Goddess Perssik yesterday. According to this dangdut origin Jember, himself enjoys appearance.

"One of pride for my belief can be given in the event Awarding Sampoerna Hijau, although this is off the water," said Dewi.

Predicate 'rocking saw' it seems quite feasible by Dewi Perssik. According to the Aldi Taher's wife was not himself appear like half not full, because the appearance on the stage at that time was' cut '. Like wood sawi a middle course to be thoroughly broken aliases and not half-broken.

For the Goddess, the audience is happy to be a responsibility. So, himself always want the event to be diisinya gala.

"Yes indeed it is, the climax is not song not enjoy. But this is not something that should be developed, because we do not know that going in there, probably post magger. Should I kan nyanyi langsung 6 songs, but was constrained season 2 errors that they (steering committee). "