Daisy Fajarina

Vonis was 18 months in prison by the court be against France Ibunda Manohara Odelia Pinot, Daisy Fajarina. Women's activist Ratna Sarumpaet also should submit a request to serve a sentence in itself.

"I was 18 months old kok. She should just give up because it will make people salut him as gentle. Wong husband is only a prison sentence, a period he does not want," said Ratna Mabes time in the police, Jakarta, Thursday ( 6 / 8) evening.

Ratna also ask for Daisy is no longer talking about the reasons for his arrest. According to him, all the evidence and the facts are clear that if self is a terpidana. "Do not be grounded again. Get used to it, later after that we continue the next case," said Ratna affirm.

Although as fugitive, Daisy is still can pitch in Indonesia because of the absence of extradition penjanjian both countries. Indeed, French courts have memvonisnya up action never pay salaries and sexual acts.