Jennifer Aniston willing to go to the gym

syuting newest film, The Bounty, Jennifer Aniston willing to go to the gym three hours early.

The former FRIENDS star is currently residing in New York is not a schedule that would make a solid appearance seksinya damaged. Likewise dilansir's showbizspy.com.

"Jennifer is very concentrated on this film. He really really wants to look fit, but still forming," said a source.

"Syuting really started in the morning, so he had to wake up the morning and 3 hours in the practice gym for two hours before the 5 am hour syuting. He must play as a woman aged 35 years, so he worked very hard not to look like aged 40 years, "he added.

In fact, it made the former wife of Brad Pitt is not just for this film. Section, every time Jen have the role as a mother, she rejected him. He wanted a more youthful roles.

"It is not easy. He combining yoga session with calisthenics and exercises.'s Body is now in talks syuting location because the center of attention. Everyone agrees if Jen looks sensational at this time. The form of the body truly spectacular, he is shining once," say source it.