Angelina Jolie player in 'WANTED 2"

The statement had little confusing when considering ending WANTED movie which seemed to imply the possibility of Fox's character is played by Angelina Jolie will be back when this movie sequel made. But according to the director, it could still tricked and he made sure that Angelina is going to play in the continuation of this movie WANTED.

"If you remember, in the first film was a healing room. The possibility to turn on Fox's character is still there, although this is somewhat difficult to remember Fox was shot in the head. But if there is good reason that the characters could have started up again and we had a good reason, "said Timur Bekmambetov, as quoted from the Empire.

In the first movie, the character played by Angelina was told shot in the head and diminish hope this film will be creating a sequel to the Angelina maintain. Some media had speculated that if there WANTED 2 with Angelina as the film's cast is certainly the first film prequel.