Model and artist Rianti Cartwright was born in Bandung

Model and artist Rianti Cartwright was born in Bandung, 22 September 1983. Dara was born from a beautiful father and English mother bloody Sunda-Java is known as public VJ MTV Indonesia. Where time becomes VJ, Rianti typically distinctive style with a fun, fresh and speak frankly.

As a VJ since 2005 to early Rianti for entering the world of entertainment. Step in the entertainment world at her steady succession of movie star I'M IN LOVE, Singles, message from heaven, and D'BIJIS, together with the dibintanginya Tora Sudiro Birowo and Indra.

Initially, women who like traveling backpacker style berambisi is not to be movie stars, but the student International Education Program International Business Department of Marketing and University of Tasmania, Jakarta, claim to enjoy and love the work digelutinya.

Not only movies, beautiful young faces of the two brothers also found this video clip as a model Ungu, ello, and Sam Milby.

Although the U.S. has a face and cas-bah-cus English, Bandung mojang this is like Indonesian food, especially karedok, favorite food.

Since small, the owners full name Rhiannon Cartwright Rianti this to work for pocket money. Starting from the model at the age of 16 years and had become a magazine editor language MAXX-M in Bandung, and make Rianti to work hard.

Inamorato actors Banyu Biru (son Eros Djarot) this also involved a successful film star AYAT-AYAT CINTA garapan director Hanung Bramantyo. Film taken from the novel works best seller Habiburahman El Shirazy commend this Rianti figures portray girls who always wear purdah, Aisha Greimas.