Condition Artis Sheila Marcia Joseph

"I felt proud of their arrival, with their arrival made Sheila happy, friends Sheila really appreciated, not embarrassed to meet Sheila," said Maria that was seen still was swollen after for a moment dropped the tear.

Today in the Christmas atmosphere, the artist Sheila Marcia Joseph, in the Bambu Hut prison, Jakarta got the visit and the Christmas gift gift from his friends. Sheila that be involved the case of the illegal drugs according to his mama, Maria Joseph, really was entertained with the arrival of his friends, the Patrio Echo, Ruben Onsu and Ivan Gunawan.

Asked whether having the special request from Sheila when his mama will come to visit? , Maria admitted to not having some sort requests from his daughter. However when his friends came to bring the gift, as well as entrusted goods of several friends who could not be present, Sheila was seen very glad. "Sheila was happy really like the small child, asked opened all of his gifts," he explained.

Met right before leaving the Bambu Hut prison, Maria said their presence became the gift that was most beautiful for his child. from kapanlagi.com "In Christmas Day this possibly to the happiest day, that the Christmas gift that really entertained Sheila," obviously him.

Sheila Marcia Joseph that also the former girlfriend Roger Danuartha was sentenced one prison year, after digerebek in a party of illegal drugs with his friends. His case was increasingly long to the reporting infotainment, after being coloured by the 'cold war' between his family and Roger's family. Later afterwards was known by both of them has mengakihi relations.