Artis Nafa Urbach

Nafa Indria Urbach
Magelang, Jawa Tengah, 19 September 1980

The world entertainment always demanded many matters, including the interesting appearance because that part of the value sold the artist. So that at this time was striven for with by Nafa Urbach. He want to again appeared the section like before he married and afterwards absent from the world entertainment.

He admitted to uptil now having the sexy body and could be called as J-right him Indonesia. However since he married and his career meredup he often was not in charge of his body. Therefore, at this time he want to returned imej the section in a fighting manner hard from the tight diet to fitness the routine since five previous months. "If the matter" of the "section indeed from sono him I already like this." So if being processed by me the body just a few will definitely return again like previously. To fitness now has gone five months. But in two weeks more has the goal, I hope, he said.

Moreover, he also produced personal trainer in his house. Trainer was told to sleep in the Nafa house in order to be able to arouse him more the morning and guarded the pattern of eating him so that more discipline. from kapanlagi.com "There is personal trainer that was produced by me in the house." That from the SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL previously that was told by me to sleep in the house although he could get up I more the morning but also jagain my food. So if the second videoclip was still must be good-looking, explained the wife Zack Lee this.