Artis dea imut

Claudia Anissa
Jakarta, 29 Februari 1996

Dhea Imut prepared the strategy so that henceforth was not acknowledged as children. Understand Cute words, at least have adhered and always had connotations children for Dhea, so as he meant in place of the name. "My name will be replaced, although not looking Cute exclusively." My name later Dhea Anissa. Cute personally will become a memory, said the owner of the original name of Claudia Anissa.

Not only that, in the career then Dhea that was met in preskon the concert penetrated Batas 3, in the Menara Building 165, Street. The Simatupang EXECUTIVE BOARD, Southern Jakarta, on Wednesday (03/12) same planned to release the youth album. Certainly when himself has entered the age of the adolescent later.

At least according to Dhea, when sitting in the class of three junior high school. Article from Kapanlagi.com "Possibly if the class 3 junior high school also I made the album, because if now still the transition between children and the adolescent, no matter what just wait his change," pungkas Dhea. Dhea that at that time imposed the Muslim fashion, was scheduled to support the concert to penetrate Batas 3, that is the appreciation concert that was aimed for the man of letters Taufik Ismail. Dhea that sang the Dan Cinta Pen, gathered with Krisdayanti, Ahmad Albar, Bimbo


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December 20, 2008 at 8:34 PM

hai dhea aku minat bangat kamu kamu duduk dimana itu aja.bye-bye