Artis Carissa Putri

The Biography Carissa Putri
Frankfurt, Jerman, 12 September 1984

"By chance I just knew with him." So at this time I still the process of sounding out relations more in, he revealed.

Carissa that was met in Hard Rock Cafe, in the agenda preskon for the SI BOY NOTE film, on Wednesday (24/12) same denied it if his prospective girlfriend of one of the white person's men. Precisely he revealed the man from the normal circle, not from the artist's circle. "That was wrong the time." He the normal person, not from the circle entertain, he revealed.

The acting star of Carissa Putri claimed was being close to a guy who just was known by him just recently. Nevertheless the film star CINTA articles refused to give the identity was more far the matter of his heart tether of the man.

Carissa acknowledged his girlfriend as the man who understood his activity as an artist and that that uptil now was looked for by him. "My girlfriend understood with my activity and that that I necessary." His person was good, the understanding and by chance one religion, said Carissa claimed knew was not yet so old from kapanlagi.com. From the family according to Carissa has known each other. However denied it if himself was mentioned immediately will take a step to the bridal dais in the near future. "This just walked." Moreover I was also middle active worked. So still necessary the deepening again, pungkas him.