Artis Ayu Shita

"In 2008 that was not yet reached was to go to class." I was studying music in the Musik Daya Institute in Kemang. Just the road 1 year. Previously I pengen took psychology in Jakarta, but because of much consideration not so, he said when being met in the Girl's agenda Friendship Festival 2008 in Senayan.

The artist who was known to have the unique style and abnormal, Beautiful Shita, claimed really wanted to step on the lectures bench. His article, the former girlfriend Dwi Andhika that also the leader of the group of music Not Bintang Biasa this ogah was said stupid.

The girl who passed the SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL this 2007 said that himself could not indeed go to class because of being affected by the schedule stripping. However because this was Beautiful Shita could have thoughts to leave the world of his place scoop up rupiah this.

Although could gush out on his marrow to leave the world of entertainment in order to get the higher edication, but finally he felt the decision too much hurried. "Almost (ninggalin the world entertainment -red), but I thought again that too much hurried." That I thought now the work while ngumpulin money, from kapanlagi.com say if has was gathered by me wanted to go to class overseas, he said that admitted to being supported by his parents to do that was best for himself this.