Artis Gisela Cindy

The Biography Gisela Cindy
Jakarta, 01 Desember 1994

Although playing in the presentation of the comedy, but the brother pesinetron Gracia Indri claimed more liked roles of the antagonist. This could be understood because he indeed the 'bad customer of' roles' in each presentation that was played by him.

Apart from Tasya Kamila, the youth artist who joined in playing in sitkom CU... CU was Gisela Cindy. Was different from Tasya, Gisela has not been again foreign with roles of the comedy. "Previously I played sitkom, only was not serious, so the comedy was not really startled (Gisela had played in TUYUL DAN Mbak YUL)." Be glad him here many friends who had the surplus, I also improvisation with the new language language like 'emping... crispy', said Gisela, when being met in Kemang, on Thursday (18/12)

"I in fact more the focus to the antagonist, previously this character down to low to the house." from kapanlagi.com say.So while 2 character weeks adhered in me until until diingetin was the same papa -mama. Papa could also speak if the character still take it, better stopped syuting, finally I must study ngontrol, he explained.

Gisela claimed, he could dijauhin his friends, because of the characteristics bawel, narsis, and could not be quiet that adhered to himself. Nevertheless, he stressed continued to love roles of the antagonist when acting. "Anything that, I more loved the antagonist," pungkas him.