Artis Ririn Dwi Aryanti

"We have indeed known each other since long before." But, just was close yes now-now. Seen by us later how these relations. Hopefully to the side of that was positive, explained Aldy to the reporter in the Indah Hut, Southern Jakarta, on last Tuesday morning.

Ririn Dwi Aryanti went out with Aldy Bragi. Both of them were seen intimate ended witnessed pemutaran first the Kacang Sauce film in the Indah Hut, Southern Jakarta, on Tuesday the night. The widower Ikke Nurjanah this acknowledged had special relations with Ririn.

Ririn was seen still was very embarrassed the road with Aldy. However, the owner of this long hair did not deny indeed there is one that is special between himself and the father of one child. "Yes doain then yes, it is hoped all of them could be fluent in," said from kompas.com the film actor What's Up With Love? This sumringah. On that occasion Aldy admitted that the size family has known this love tie. "Yes, the family together has known," he said