Rituals Beautiful 'SECRET' Hollywood Artist

What do you think sexy Hollywood actresses was born as a beautiful woman and perfect with a long nose, lips filled, soft smooth skin or beauty boobs? Could be, containing the red lips and split lip that is original, yes, like the lips of Angelina Jolie's red and adorable.

But how do they keep the skin and body's beauty? Calibaration have calibaration, it turns out they mengakalinya with secret tricks in the style of Hollywood stars.

What's their secret trick?

Julia Roberts: olive oil is my secret!

Reportedly, Julia Roberts, the artist who is also a former board of this model utilizing the properties of olive oil for beauty care for hands and nails. According to Julia, olive oil will keep your nails strong. Is the composition of fatty acids, vitamin E and vitamin K, which causes the nails stay strong and beautiful. Kulitpun soft and healthy.

Catherine Zeta Jones: washing hair with beer!

What? Beer? Yeah, right! Catherine washing hair with beer. Beer mixed with honey and then applied to the hair while shampooing. And the result, "the hair softer and radiant," concluded Catherine, as quoted by The Sun.

One more beauty tips that do. Catherine always eat an apple after a meal to clean his teeth. Hey! not if you want to clean your teeth, you need to brush your teeth? Yeah, it's true every day at least we brush teeth twice daily. But apples contain substances that can make the teeth clean. Try as you eat an apple, you feel as though your teeth like it had been polished. Clean and rough, right?

That's why she always looks white teeth, clean and shining.

Halle Berry: foot scrub disposable coffee

If you drink coffee, do not throw away its dregs. But use as a scrub to your legs and thighs. This is done by the sexy actress Halle Berry. She scrubs her legs and thighs with coffee grounds, massaging for a few minutes to remove all the orange peel look of cellulite and that often makes us so confident when not wearing hot pants.

Caffeine contained in coffee may keep us awake, but caffeine can also help the cells in the body to more quickly metabolized. So that will not accumulate fat in the thighs and legs were still smooth.