Naomi Watts is going to be Marilyn Monroe

If the news is true then this is the second time Naomi Watts plays the character who actually existed. Having chosen to play Valerie Plame in the movie FAIR GAME, Naomi Watts is believed to play Marilyn Monroe back in the movie that reportedly will take title blonde.

Blonde himself lifted from a novel by Joyce Carol Oates and published in 2000. Books that could be this controversy is actually a fictional story that takes real character as a character. Later, the film will also follow the journey of life Marilyn Monroe since she was still unknown until her death in 1960.

According to Splash News, the blonde is will be directed by Andrew Dominik who also had Brad Pitt in film directing assassination OF THE Jesse James. So far there has been no information about other stars will also be placed in this film. Blonde is also unclear when this will be circulated because until now Naomi Watts still have three films, MOTHER AND CHILD, FAIR GAME, and YOU WILL MEET A Tall Dark Stranger, who all signed in the year 2010 this showtimes.