Hollywood Celebrities Bikini Idea 2010

Summer, hear these words going through your mind the wide expanse of sandy beach, a light breeze that hit his face, joy of children playing on the beach, passing by tourists who are looking for sunbathing spot. Hmmm ... the smell of the beach seemed to satisfy your mind. And of course, a vacation is the most suitable event after many years struggling with the job that make you bored at work.

If you are still confused and rocked what you will wear. Peep some of the style of Hollywood celebrities who decided to enjoy the summer, sunbathing on the beach with this beautiful bikini. Grab your feeling sexy, honey!

The Yellow, worn by Whitney Port

Even for just sunbathing and swimming, beautiful artist on this one do not want to look messy. He set up a pair of bikini beautiful and cheerful yellow. With some accent wrinkle his thin disguise. With that accent the body looks more filled out, and of course sexy!

Monokini, worn by Eva Longoria

For those of you who do not want to expose the body is too open, you can peer style of Eva Longoria follows. Where a gold-colored monokini with chain accents and abstract patterns bandaged his thin frame. Chain around his waist detail make this give the impression monokini sexy and glamorous. Abstract at the chest line also serves to maximize the size of the chest, especially for those who have a mini chest.

Orange Lace-Up One Piece Swimsuit, worn by Janice Dickinson

One piece swimsuit worn by Janice Dickinson makes summer more fun. Moreover, the rope accents tucked in the abdomen to the chest. Sexy is smart! Halter strap that hung around the neck there are two parts to the sexy, which makes one-piece swimsuit is the more perfect. You who have a body maxi, could menyuplik Janice idea for a one-piece will hide your abdomen and waist. While the dumbbell gives the impression sexy and slimmer.

Solid print Bathing suits, worn by Kate Hudson

Simple and still look beautiful. This is the idea of Kate's an interesting blend between the detail of lace and the bikini's bold. The red color also makes it bak chosen flower that blooms beautifully in the summer mood. A perfect mix of events sunbathing on white sand beaches.

Pirate Sarong, worn by Michelle Rodriguez

here he is the lover of nature, creative ideas from Simona who entrusted his appearance on Zebra motif pretty turquoise leather worn on bright. Zebra accents provide a condensed natural shades. While maximizing the look sexy halter neck and expose the shoulder.

ready sunblock, sunglasses, comfortable mats, beach sandals, a cold drink and a camera to capture your beautiful moments. And be prepared to enjoy the most pleasant summer vacation on the beach. Do not forget to invite all your friends. Happy summer gals!