Courtney Love Lesbian amit Dealing With Kate Moss

Courtney Love seems really fond of throwing a tantrum. Having had time to disclose her husband had an affair with Gwen Stefanie, Gavin Sossdale, she now claimed to have a lesbian relationship with Kate Moss.

In an interview with Interview magazine, Love told him if Moss had a love affair with him. Not only that, Moss is also said to sleep with my friends girlfriend in London.

Kurt Cobain's widow said that she made friends with Moss and nearly bought a house in London. "It's a good story to tell the grandchildren. Kate is not a lot of drugs. That's just what happened in Milan in the 90s. It does happen and the only pleasure or something. He told me about this and I hope he's not mad at me revealing. I feel like combre. but even so she amazing! Kate's best friend. I almost bought a house in John's Wood, London, "said the Hole singer was.



May 22, 2010 at 7:53 AM