Kim Cattrall: Without Clothes In, Ventilation More

Hygiene can be done in various ways. Cattrall Kim have their own way to maintain their health, namely to provide 'ventilation' is more on his body without wearing underwear. In addition to maintain the health of Kim's body was also satisfied with his performance, no matter if the present age have five heads.

This 53-year-old actress claimed that she was pleased with his appearance and had no desire to look younger. In this interview with Look magazine she said that if the age of the 40s he was getting warm and the time has now reached the age of 50 he was already in high places. A different world, he said.

SEX AND THE CITY star also has tips for keeping her body, that is without underwear. "Advice from me the most luxurious fashion that has been proven to significantly is if you're not wearing underwear more ventilation and it's probably more healthy.