Paris Hilton sues U.S. $ 1 Million

The film titled pledge THIS! the movie was hardly a success. The film, starring Paris Hilton is reportedly did not bring in profits for the buffer fund this film. Therefore they are now trying to sue Paris Hilton for U.S. $ 1 million or equal to the fee he received when signing a contract to play this movie.

Today, investors pledge THIS movie! This reportedly filed a lawsuit to court in Miami and demanded that Paris Hilton's return fee of U.S. $ 1 million that he received when I signed the contract in 2006. They accuse Paris failed to fulfill their contract by not attending a number of events including promotions for this film comes in several chat shows, radio promotion and media in the U.S., UK, Japan, Russia, and Germany.

According to Splash News, before investors could also sue Paris Hilton with claims for compensation of U.S. $ 8.3 million, but this claim was rejected by the judge. Paris Hilton's own party refused to be called not fulfill the contract because during this time Paris has also conducted promotions everywhere he went.
In the same news was also mentioned that the film Pledge This! was only able to collect as many as 2.7 million Pounds Sterling and aired in only 25 theaters. It is unclear how loss incurred by the parties but the funders see the above figures seem to suffer losses they are also very large.