Catherine Zeta-Jones Very beautiful on his birthday

Catherine Zeta Jones' decision to pose in birthday-40 turned out to receive full support from Michael Douglas, the husband. Michael did not mind his wife photographed and even he commented that his wife's nude photos it looks beautiful. Even Michael did not hesitate to say if he was proud of his wife is still worthy of being photographed while she was already stepping on the head four.

"The photos look beautiful. I think he wanted to show another side of himself. The photos are amazing," said Michael Douglas, as quoted from Splash News. Of course this is not a routine activity and therefore Catherine's photographs could be considered something exclusive. "He's not very often do that - at least have about ten years - so I am proud of what he was doing," Michael continued.

Michael Douglas married Catherine Zeta-Jones own in the past 2000 years and until now this pair has been blessed with two children: Dylan who is now nine years old and the new Carys aged 7 years. In the same occasion, Michael Douglas also expressed his desire to visit Wales, land of her birth, in the near future