Vierra is scheduled to appear first in the city of Medan, where the chanter hits this Lepas will greet Ballerina Mania, called for the fans Vierra, who was in Medan. Vierra is scheduled to appear on the upcoming January 23 at Hotel Tiara, Medan, North Sumatra.

Schedule presence Aprilio Kevin (piano, keyboards), Widy Soediro Nichlany (vocals), Raka Cyril Damar (guitar), and Satryanda Windjanarko (drums) was justified by Coni Oktami, as Secretary to the KapanLagi.com event on Wednesday (20 / 1) .

"Presence of a Ballerina in Medan is the first time as a form of entertainment to the fans Vierra, especially the fans who joined in Ballerina Ballerina Mania," said Coni.

Coni proceed, step Ballerina presence is also not just for entertainment as a step, but also introduces an event organizer.

"Vierra was completely handled by Liquid Entertainment, so in addition to entertaining show we also introduced the event organizer," said Coni.

Mentioned about the target audience, Coni said it targets an audience in 1000, where the current range of tickets have been sold 50-60% of the expected target.

"To target the exact audience we were targeting the junior high to high school students only, but it all depends on pengemarnya also. Where are tickets sold ranged from 100 thousand to 200 thousand," said Coni.

For information, the formation originated from the introduction Ballerina in cyberspace, ie Friendster, and in November 2008 formally established the band decided Ballerina.

Vierra itself brings the power of pop with a touch of Disney-style music. Vierra slapped with a debut album, FIRST LOVE, with the first single Lepas. With a cheerful Widy vocals and typical teenager, Vierra able to give a different nuance in the music blantika Indonesia.

Everything can not be separated from Kevin's previous role of first known, other than as the son of a musician couple Addie MS and Memes, he also played in several television movie.