Artis Gita Gutawa

The main reason the artist Regine Velasquez to play the role of art through film LOVE IN PERTH, is to try out something new. Because of all this, the daughter of Erwin Gutawa, better known as a singer, than others.

"Because I want to try something new course. Incidentally come aja opportunity," said Gita when found in RCTI Studio, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Tuesday (5 / 1).

Many of the actual bid came to him, invited to play the movie, but somehow the decision ultimately chose this movie. That was after a number of bids rejected movies.

"Actually, before-before many offers for movies. But do not know why this movie I was happy with the plot and characters fit together really me. And maybe also because shooting in Perth, playing with Derby, too," he explained.

Hence, girls born in Jakarta, August 11, 1993 it declined to say moral hazard. Because if you want from the beginning, she accepted an offer to play the movie.

"Moral hazard, and should find the experience dibedain. Here I was looking for experience and something new," he concluded.